Batman speed comparison

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Are these stats right?

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I don't think they're right. First of all, besides speed, Batman does not deserve to have an intelligence of 100. He's not the smartest being in the universe, for his own reasons. He'd probably be around a high 95-96 in intelligence or something. Back to speed, Batman is supposed to have trained to almost be peaked human. It is assumed for humans to be able to run at most for 40 mph at peak. I'd assume considering this, he would be around a 35 mph speed on foot. Nightwing, and Catwoman should not be as fast, or faster than Batman. Even though Nightwing seems to be more acrobatic that Batman is, it doesn't mean he is faster than Batman. Nightwing hasn't had enough training to be as good as Batman. Batman has probably more reaction speed than Nightwing, and Catwoman too considering his training. Catwoman also seems to be more acrobatic than Batman is, but I believe is still not as fast as he is. Catwoman has had a lot of training, but not as much as Batman, and Catwoman at most with all the training she's done, she would probably be around 21 mph, or less, being that the fastest woman in mph is 21.3 mph. Overall, besides speed on foot, Batman can glide through the air, something that both Nightwing, and Catwoman can't do, and he has a grappling hook gun, which even though Nightwing does have, Catwoman does not. Edit: these stats are from Edit 2: Batman, and Nightwing's combat shouldn't be 100 too.

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They're just stats made by fans, it's not official. Generally Dick is supposed to be more agile than Bruce (or Dick just use more often his acrobatics skills than Bruce) but I don't think is faster.

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Interesting...i guess that Cassandra Cain should be 200 in speed :P

- Out-runs/out-paces a bullet:

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- Dodges bullets after they ve been fired:

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- even sniper-bullets after they've been fired as well:

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- By the way, below you have Cass, even when she was just a little kid, half Damian's age:

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It can be hard to say exactly how fast is a character in the comics, because writters sometimes go over the board with their favourites, but Cass for instances while only peak-human gets ridiculously fast, even low level meta-humans have trouble keeping up with her speed.

Batman is faster than both Nightwing and Catwoman to my knowledge, and has always been...unless they have been amped up in some very recent retcon that im not aware of.

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Cass is an unofficial metahuman in speed like Bruce is a unofficial metahuman in strength and endurance/stamina. I agree that Dick and Selina aren't faster than Bruce.

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Batman is faster than Catwoman, and Nightwing to me.

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Batman Reaction is faster

Nightwing Agility is better

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Dick is more agile, always better than Bruce and Slade, basically an unofficially metahuman in that field. Bruce is an acrobat too, but authors are more inclined to portray him in a different way. Where Bruce is really unmatched is strength, striking power and stamina, especially striking power.

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