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The Lights Go Out in LA in This 'Fear the Walking Dead' Promo

Check out this quick teaser video for the new Walking Dead spin-off

The spin-off of The Walking Dead is almost here. AMC released a new trailer for their show Fear the Walking Dead, which debuts at the end of August.The lights go out in Los Angeles, where the show takes place.

This new show will revolve around a whole new group of survivors during the early days of the outbreak, so fans will get to see how the world became infested with the undead, which seems like it could be pretty cool.

Fear the Walking Dead debuts on AMC on Sunday, August 23.


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Posted By jwalser3

Real spooky.

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Posted By MultipleMan

All my shows are ending soon so hopefully this will give me something to watch until the walking dead comes on. Hopefully it will be good.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

More region locked videos, great.

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Posted By Transformers1024

Looking awesome.

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Posted By Thatlyn Yoaeg'ill'rymmin

Yeah, I'm living in some wastland...

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Edited By OUTBREAK666

that was pretty cool

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Edited By Skit

I'm excited

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

@karnak: Watch Mr. Robot. THank me later


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Posted By MultipleMan
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Edited By Pelykan

Too bad I live in communist Europe where I can't actually watch this trailer.

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Posted By Emperor777

Stupid franchise.

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Posted By EdBlank

I still say that the zombie show doesn't need another zombie show spin off.

Perhaps kill every single one of the current group except one fairly new member and then show that person going it alone.

Or perhaps show Kaaaarrrrrlllll as a grownup being the mayor of a fortified city.

In either of these scenarios, the two shows don't need to run concurrently. Wrap one up and start the other.

Remaking the Walking Dead on the west coast before the Walking Dead even goes off the air just plays as a cash grab. Why couldn't they just make that many more episodes of TWD?

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Edited By The Impersonator

I wouldn't say this show is just a spin-off. It's more like a combination of a prequel and a spin-off. AMC is doing the same thing for Better Call Saul, which it's story takes place before, between, and after Breaking Bad.