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Batman Will Not Appear On 'Arrow'

If you were looking forward to seeing Batman on 'Arrow,' think again.

If you've been keeping up with the CW's 'Arrow' then you have likely seen the slew of DC character appearances since the show first launched on October 10th, 2012. In addition to faces we've already seen like Deadshot, Deathstroke and the Huntress there are plenty more characters we've seen in the comics that have already been confirmed for the show (Roy Harper, for example).

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And as nice as it is to know there are plenty of new faces we can expect to catch on 'Arrow,' there are some we won't be seeing; namely, Batman and Wonder Woman. In a recent interview, CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed that the 'Caped Crusader' won't be making his way to the small screen in a CW series, nor will he be making his way to Starling City.

[In regards to a CW Batman television adaptation] At this time, no. And regarding your next question, regarding is Batman going to make a trip to [Arrow’s] Starling City, they’re not in the same state.

We thought that was a clever way of indicating that these two characters, although they may live in the same cinematic universe, won't be interacting on the small screen. In regards to the Wonder Woman series that has been rumored, both she and Arrow can exist in the same universe, but that doesn't mean they will interact. The producer also confirmed that with the right script and casting choice for Diana, this show will at the very least see a pilot.

If we get the right script and the right casting, we’ll go right forward to pilot.

There is the question of what this means for the rumored Justice League movie. If Diana will appear on the small screen, will her character be incorporated into a big screen production? What do you think of the news? Do you think Batman should have his own CW live-action series, or do you think he should remain off limits? Do you hope to see a Wonder Woman CW series in the future, and if so, who would you cast for the role of Diana? And should she and Arrow interact?

Source: IGN