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    Helena Bertinelli, born into one of Gotham's mafia families, became a spy and vigilante, destroying those that had killed her family. As a key member of the Birds of Prey, she has moved toward brutal, but non-lethal methods for fighting crime.

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    Helena Bertinelli / Helena Wayne
    Helena Bertinelli / Helena Wayne

    This page is for the 2nd Huntress, Helena Bertinelli.

    This page is for the 3rd Batgirl, Helena Bertinelli. (note: she took on the role of Batgirl during No Man's Land, but soon passed on the mantle to Cassandra Cain)

    This page also covers the New 52 reboot of Helena Bertinelli's character as a spy for Spyral.


    A Story of Giants, Big and Small

    (in Grayson Annual #1, Feb 2015)

    The New 52 Helena Bertinelli's origin story is revealed. She is the granddaughter of Frank Bertinelli, destined to take over the Sicilian mob. Instead she disappeared for 5 years, later resurfacing as a part of Spyral and disguising herself with the use of Hypnos technology.

    Huntress: Year One

    No Caption Provided

    (in Huntress: Year One #1-6, July-Sept 2008)

    The story recounts and expands upon the beginning of Helena's vigilante career. She is in Sicily, days from turning 21 and receiving the inheritance from the murder of her family, which occurred before her eyes when she was eight years old. Learning more about her family's murder, Helena adopts a costume disguise and weaponry to seek revenge, confronting not only the men who ordered her family's death, but the assassin himself.

    In the process, she establishes herself as angrier and more violent than a standard costumed hero, foreshadowing the conflicts with more mainstream heroes, predominately Batman. She crosses paths with Barbara Gordon (destined, as Oracle, to be a close friend and colleague), Catwoman, and Batman, who will become partial mentor, partial antagonist during her subsequent career as a Gotham superhero. She states that her compulsion derives from the moment before her family was murdered, when she believes she could have acted to save them. The story ends with her renouncing the Bertinelli legacy of crime and “baptizing” herself The Huntress.

    Huntress: Cry For Blood

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    (in Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood #1-6, June-Nov 2000)

    The slightly retold version of her origin has her as still a member of the Bertinelli crime family except that they are based in Gotham and not in New York City.

    After her family is murdered she is taken to Sicily where she learns a variety of forms of combat. At age 16 she returns to Gotham to discover the assassin that killed her family and at a family function she is surprised that Batman interrupts the event by crashing through a skylight.

    She is thus inspired to become a superhero by him (in part paying homage to the silver age version where he was also her inspiration for deciding to become a hero.) Much of this origin is told as a retrospective to Richard Dragon and Vic Sage.

    After killing Mandragora and the killer she would later find out the truth of who her biological parents really were and thus it finally made sense why she had been spared. Finally with retribution for her family she throws away her costume and begins her life anew.

    Family Members


    The first appearance of Helena Bertinelli was in Huntress #1 in 1989 and her creators were Joey Cavalieri and Joe Staton, whom had worked on the Helena Wayne version previously.

    Character Evolution

    Post-Crisis On Infinite Earths

    The new Huntress: Helena Bertinelli
    The new Huntress: Helena Bertinelli

    The modern version of the character has a much darker tone, and among the costumed heroes of Gotham is considered as the most ruthless, to the point of almost being an anti-hero (though her earliest stories are based in New York City.). In the beginning of her career, murder was considered not only an option, but often the best one. In this iteration of the character she was kidnapped as a child (aged 6) and raped by a rival mafia head just as psychological torture to her father (though this is not a constant in all the depictions of her background.) She is later taken to Italy where she learns all forms of combat from her bodyguard Tony Angelo.

    The character eventually began to return to her roots, more closely being associated with Gotham (at this point her background was changed so that she had been born there and not New York City.) She was generally poorly regarded by Batman as she was willing to kill to meet her objectives, but he generally allowed her to operate albeit with some hesitation. Other members of the Batman family of characters also had negative opinions of her, most notably Barbara Gordon (though this would later change.) Conversely she maintained good relations with Tim Drake and Dick Grayson, even entering into a brief relationship with the latter. Throughout her development Batman and others have continually tried to incorporate her more closely into their group of heroes, in the hopes of maybe turning her away from her violent methods. This meant for instance that at one point she was inducted into the Justice League of America as it was hoped that her presence there would calm her down. She was also left in charge of Gotham as its primary vigilante during the events of the Legacy crossover. Later still after changing her methods somewhat she was accepted more closely with the other heroes. Appearing as an operative of Oracle (Barbara Gordon) during the events of Hush and later joining the Birds of Prey. Helena has a complicated back story and for a short time served as Batgirl. Characters better known for performing in that role are Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown.

    DC's New 52

    Following the events of Flashpoint and the reboot of the DC Comics universe, It's revealed that Helena is deceased in this world and Helena Wayne from Earth 2 adapts her identity. It's been revealed that there is another Helena Bertinelli on Earth-0, she is a spy for the organization known as Spyral. She is also a partner of Dick Grayson in Spyral.


    Code of Silence

    Bookworm's deathtrap
    Bookworm's deathtrap

    Her first major story arc after Crisis on Infinite Earths involved her tracking down and killing the people that had killed her parents. Her first lead was through the gunman, an assassin by the name of Omerta the Silencer. She also knew that her father’s eyes and hands had been removed from his body and kept in a separate place. Eventually she came across a street gang known as the Jade Phantoms. She discovered that they had stolen the box holding the relics of her father. She would also often meet with Omerta but was unable to apprehend, nor was he able to kill her. She eventually discovered that Donald Campbell, her family’s consiglieri was in fact Omerta. It is soon revealed to her by Angelo, her former bodyguard,that he was working with another family against the Bertinellis. Helena thus ordered him out of her life forever. Soon after while on the trail of Omerta, she is captured by him and taken to Mandragora. It is revealed he needed the eyes and hand to gain access to a vault in addition to some of Helena’s blood. Soon after Mandragora asks Helena to join him and even kills Omerta as a sign of his intent, but she does not escape and in the ensuing fight she eventually lets him fall to his death (though she also tried to save him at one point.)

    After her revenge against Mandragora, there were still things about her father’s past that she needed to clear up. One such thing was a ledger, which was written in code. She was unable to decipher it so gave half each to a detective and a reporter named Jessica Sharp. The detective enlisted the help of a mass serial killer who would later be known as the Bookworm. The killer soon escaped confinement though and killed Jessica to get her half of the ledger as well. Soon she apprehended him and killed him.


    Nightwing and Huntress
    Nightwing and Huntress

    However, this was only a temporary development. She would once again become an agent against organized crime, this time not for any specific revenge but just as she knew the danger they posed to others. At the same time in her secret identity she was a teacher. During the Nightwing / Huntress miniseries she seduces Dick because she thought it would bring her closer into the fray with the other Gotham crimefighters. Her plan somewhat backfired though as she developed strong feelings for him. This romantic tension became a recurring theme between the two, for instance when she journeyed to Bludhaven to stop a union associated with the mob. Their romantic tension also occasionally served as a source of friction during the romantic relationship between Dick and Barbara. For instance at the end of No Man’s Land when Dick was already somewhat attached to Barbara, he visited Helena in the hospital where he kissed her passionately at the strike of the new year. She also develops a close relationship with Tim Drake at this time when he helps clear her of murder. In the early part of this time frame Helena is also a member of the Justice League of America. She is eventually forced to resign when she attempts to murder Prometheus.

    No Man's Land: Helena as Batgirl

    The New Batgirl
    The New Batgirl

    In the early 1990s most of the Gotham related titles began to have their own crossovers separate from the rest of the DC universe. This started with Knightfall, then proceeded to Knight Quest and Knight’s End. Following this was Prodigal and then from Contagion onwards Helena played a role either prominent or secondary in all of the crossovers. In Contagion she is shown trying to save a child that has caught the Clench. She later helps in the defense of Babylon Towers. In Legacy she is left in charge of Gotham while the other heroes depart to find the source of the virus. Her most meaningful contribution was during the events of No Man’s Land when she decides that the city needs a Bat themed hero in the absence of Batman and so she takes on the persona of Batgirl. She uses a full mask for her face for protection but it later becomes useful as a means to cover her identity when Bruce returns. She is told she can keep the identity provided she does not fail him, but soon afterwards she does by allowing Two-Face to gain territory in the area controlled by Batman. She returns to her Huntress persona and joins forces with Bill Pettit who has himself broken away from the main group of the police.

    She continues to work with him despite his extreme methods and hatred of “roof crawlers.” Finally in a showdown with the Joker she and Pettit stand alone against the Joker and his army. Helena has to stop the Pettit from killing his own men which the Joker has dressed up in Joker costumes. Pettit is soon after killed by one of the Joker’s men. It is the Joker’s plan to kill hope in Gotham by killing all the babies born in the city during the year of No Man’s Land. With only Helena standing between him and the group of people she has been protecting she refuses to back down despite being outnumbered thirty to one. Although she is severely beaten and almost killed Batman and Nightwing arrive at the last moment to save her. This serves as the first step on her road to retribution in Bruce’s and Dick’s eyes. She later takes part in other story arcs such as Hush and is temporarily recruited into Checkmate.

    Birds of Prey

    No Caption Provided

    Helena is soon after asked to join the Birds of Prey, not willingly by Barbara (who is partially motivated in her dislike of her because of her past with Dick), but she is forced to when Black Canary requires the backup. She forms a strong partnership with Dinah and the two even become friends, though she is not on the team for long period of time. She quit because she figured out why Barbara was distant from her but she is forced to rejoin soon enough as she needed the backup and she stays on as a member for a longer period of time, even lasting through Infinite Crisis and One Year Later. She later plays a part in the story arc Battle of the Cowl where Dick Grayson becomes Batman.

    During the events of Brightest Day the team is reformed once again as Oracle battles a new nemesis, the Calculator. They also soon come into conflict with the villain known as the White Canary.


    Huntress joins Wonder Woman's Furies
    Huntress joins Wonder Woman's Furies

    In the world of Flashpoint, Helena was one of the many female super-heroes (and super-villains) who flocked to Wonder Woman's banner in her and the Amazons war with Emperor Aquaman and Atlantis.

    The New 52: Grayson

    Helena in the New 52's
    Helena in the New 52's "Grayson" series

    In the New 52, Helena's character is re-imagined as a spy for an organization named Spyral. She and Dick Grayson are partners.

    Powers and Abilities

    Hand-to-Hand Combat
    Hand-to-Hand Combat
    • Unarmed Combat: Helena is a regular human with no superpowers. She is an above average athlete and is an exceptional hand to hand combatant possessing the skills to defeat large groups of men. Helena was trained at an early age age by her cousin and later by Richard Dragon for a short period. She is also an expert in many forms of weaponry, including some firearms.
    • Weapons Master: She is generally depicted as relying on a crossbow for ranged attacks and her own fighting ability for closer fighting. At times in the past she has used a carbon dioxide fed crossbow as opposed to a manually cocked one. Despite the reliance on the crossbow she has also been shown to keep knives on her body, some of which are spring loaded. She also employs many of the same devices as the rest of the Gotham heroes including grappling hooks and climbing lines.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 6'0"
    • Weight: 150 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Gotham City
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Education: College Graduate
    • Occupation: Adventurer, Teacher
    • Known Relatives: Franco Bertinelli (father · deceased), Maria Panessa(mother · deceased), Santo Cassamento (biological father · deceased), Pino Bertinelli(brother · deceased), Frank Bertinelli (grandfather · deceased), Bertinelli Family


    JLA: Justice League of Amazons

    Huntress and the Justice League of Amazons
    Huntress and the Justice League of Amazons

    (in Justice Leagues: Justice League of Amazons #1, March 2001)

    Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Supergirl (the post-Matrix Linda Danvers version), Zatanna, Black Orchid (the Vertigo version), Big Barda, and Huntress made up the roster for the Justice League of Amazons. Their base is on Wonder Woman's home island of Themyscira. They fought against a group of greedy loggers out to destroy the environment.

    JLA: Created Equal

    (in JLA: Created Equal #1-2, Mar-April 2000)

    A space born virus wipes out all of the Earth's males, leaving the future of the Earth depends on the world's super-women and among them is Huntress.

    JLA: Act of God

    (in JLA: Act of God #1-3, Nov 2000-Jan 2001)

    She played mostly a background role in this series. Everyone with super-human powers, even ones like Superman or Martian Manhunter who's abilities were native to their spices of origin, were rendered as powerless as any human being. Only heroes like Huntress who had no super-human abilities, or Steel who's abilities were based on technology, were spared. Huntress worked with Batman, Nightwing, and other Gotham heroes to keep the peace after this event.

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Huntress in Injustice: Gods Among Us
    Huntress in Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Year 1, Chapter 18: Huntress first appears in the final panels alongside Aquaman, Batwoman, Black Canary, Captain Atom, Black Lightning, and Green Arrow, summoned to the Batcave by Batman and Catwoman.

    Year 1, Chapter 21: Huntress is seen alongside Batman, Catwoman, Captain Atom and Black Lightning after he knocks Hawkgirl out of the sky, with Huntress knocking her out with an arrow bolt with a dry quip of, "Goodnight." Huntress's presence is questioned by the Justice League, though Lex Luthor realizes Batman's involvement quickly.

    Year 1, Chapter 25: Huntress is among the gathered Insurgents in the Batcave. She is confused and angered that Batman declares Superman a lost cause after wiping out the invading Parademons, saying that it was war and Superman saved lives, making him a hero in the eyes of everyone except Batman. She reminds Batman that Superman even saved Green Arrow and Black Canary from the Parademons.

    Calling Batman sanctimonious and arrogant, Helena accidentally blurts out Bruce's real name and realizes he hasn't told everyone on the team who he is. Incredulous, she decides to leave, believing Superman to be in the right, though Catwoman convinces her to stay and for Batman to reveal to all of them that Superman is working with Luthor to create a private super-powered army. Though when she asks him how he knows this, Batman refuses to say and Helena asks him how they're supposed to trust him if he won't trust them.

    This prompts Batman to reveal his identity as Bruce Wayne to the rest of the Insurgents. After this, Huntress joins them in confronting the Superman cultists in Crime Alley before they're forced to leave by Wonder Woman and Superman.

    Year 1, Chapter 31: She is among the gathered Insurgents in one of Batman's hideouts, watching Batman and Black Lightning's argument over Hawkgirl's kidnapping and replacement with Martian Manhunter. After Batman explains that he was never planning on holding Hawkgirl indefinitely and that he only wanted someone inside the League, Huntress tells him that he should have told them his plans instead of lying to them. After this, she is silent as she learns of Martian Manhunter's death and Batman's plans to steal the nanotech pills from the Fortress of Solitude.

    Year 1, Chapter 34: Batman, Catwoman and Black Canary return from the North Pole. Helena quickly notices Green Arrow and Captain Atom's absence, but when she tries to ask Dinah what happened, she is stunned when she runs off. After this, Helena is silent as Batman explains his plans to analyze the recovered pill and observes Catwoman's pleas with Bruce to let them help. When the Dark Knight knocks her out, he hands Catwoman over to Helena, who warns him that Selina will never forgive him for this. Bruce is well aware of this before urging her and the rest of them to hide and wait for him to contact them.

    Year 2, Chapter 1: Helena appears among the gathered mourners for Green Arrow at his wake before leaving.

    Huntress and the new Birds of Prey
    Huntress and the new Birds of Prey

    Year 2, Chapter 6: Huntress reappears at the end of chapter six alongside Black Canary, Catwoman, and Batwoman as a part of Oracle's Birds of Prey.

    Year 2, Chapter 12: Helena is present during Commissioner Gordon's rally to sway several dozen former Gotham police officers to the Birds of Prey resistance movement. When one officer complains of losing their means of supporting themselves, Huntress reveals that they have a private benefactor and that all of them will be very well taken care of.

    Year 2, Chapter 14: Huntress appears alongside fellow Birds of Prey Black Canary and Batwoman, and resistance fighters Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya working together to capture two Regime Soldiers. While Bullock and Montoya and distract the soldiers, Huntress drops down from a rooftop over them and takes out their communications with quick strikes from electrified batons, allowing her friends to overpower and capture them for interrogation without fear they will report to their leaders of their new super-human abilities.

    Year 2, Annual: Huntress is featured in the first story, appearing alongside the rest of the Birds of Prey as they look over picture slides of happier days in their past. Later, Helena expresses her mistrust at Commissioner Gordon's actions when he brings in the super-villain shape-shifter Clayface to their secure hideout. Huntress later participates in the fight against Clayface when he shows his true colors, shooting him with an arrow from her crossbow, though she is knocked over when Clayface strikes her. Huntress later watches as Clayface is secured in a series of jars to keep him imprisoned and harmless.

    Year 2, Chapter 16: Huntress is seen on a rooftop as she listens to Batman's speech to the entire resistance over the upcoming war with Superman and his forces.

    Year 2, Chapter 17: Huntress is stunned as the darkened sky is illuminated into a brilliant emerald, and asks, "What is that?" to a silent Batwoman.

    Year 2, Chapter 19: Huntress leads the charge into Ferris Aircraft to seize planes to use against Superman's forces. While Helena is the first to claim a plane for herself, she is forced down by Hal Jordan and quickly ditches the aircraft when Sinestro throws it at the recently arrived Ganthet to no effect.

    Year 2, Chapter 21: Huntress races back into the hanger during the confrontation between Ganthet and Sinestro, hurriedly ordering Batwoman and their allies to take off. When Batwoman asks what happen to her plane, Huntress explains, "It was used as a bludgeoning weapon in a fight between Sinestro and a Guardian." Huntress and Batwoman then take off in the confusion, with Huntress informing Oracle they are heading into the sky.

    Year 3, Chapter 3: Reclining in a chair in the home of Jason Blood among the rest of the gathered Insurgents. Huntress is silent throughout the meeting up until the Spectre's attack on the house resulting in Blood's death.

    Year 3, Chapter 4: Huntress is at first ordered by Batman during the Spectre's attack to look for a cellar for them to retreat to until the Batman decides to confront the Spectre himself. Helena is then safely teleported away with the rest of the group by Zatanna back to the Tower of Fate.

    DC Bombshells

    Helena on the Bombshells variant of Detective Comics #43
    Helena on the Bombshells variant of Detective Comics #43

    Batwoman finds Huntress singing in a swing club in Germany. They are attacked by Nazis and Helena takes a crossbow from her guitar and starts shooting at them. Helena tells Kate that she is the leader of the "German Youth Resistance". Kate told Helena to follow her, and then put her in the boot of her car.

    When Kate is kidnapped by Lex Luthor, Selina Kyle and Helena save her. Selina gives Helena relationship advice on the way.

    Helena arrives in the sewers where the rest of the group is, Zinda Blake with her. They are introduced to Renee Montoya, and Kate takes Helena outside to talk to her. She starts to tell her to stop fighting but Helena protests, telling her that she'd rather keep fighting. They strike an agreement, saying that if it comes down to it Helena will run.

    When they are being attacked by Joker's daughter, Helena fights Nazis with her crossbow. She then goes to Kate and says that she will go back to Germany, as it's where she belongs and where she can make a difference.

    Batman: Li'l Gotham

    Lil Huntress & Li'l Black Canary vs. Li'l Lady Shiva
    Lil Huntress & Li'l Black Canary vs. Li'l Lady Shiva

    (in Batman: Li'l Gotham, 2012-2013)

    Animated Series/Films

    Justice League Unlimited

    Huntress in Justice League Unlimited
    Huntress in Justice League Unlimited

    (in Justice League Unlimited, 2004-2008)

    Helena Bertinelli was the daughter of Mafia crime boss and mobster Franco Bertinelli. As a child, she saw her mother and father murdered by Steven Mandragora, who lusted for power. This event sparked her desire for revenge as, years later in her adult life, she would train herself to become the costumed vigilante known as the Huntress.

    She was part of the expanded Justice League roster as a faithful member following the Thanagarian invasion. Huntress was also among the teams sent to contain the Dark Heart.

    Still, even though she knew it was against the law and would not be acceptable to other members of the Justice League, she craved for revenge on Mandragora. She infiltrated his mansion and did not hesitate to kill him - only he wasn't there. J'onn J'onzz had discovered her intentions and informed the authorities. Huntress was consequently expelled from the Justice League.

    In her final moments aboard the Watchtower, she managed to persuade the Question to helping her, in return for information on Project Cadmus. He agreed, and together they tracked down Mandragora. He was held in a safe house, watched over by King Faraday and his agents, along with Green Arrow and Black Canary, who are on watch outside the building.

    Huntress and The Question
    Huntress and The Question

    But as Huntress and Question are about to make their move, Mandragora's bodyguards, Tony and Cecil, help him escape. Huntress and Question take on the Leaguers, who inform them that they were there in case Huntress might show up. After a short fight, Green Arrow and Black Canary emerge victorious, though mostly because of Black Canary. Realizing Mandragora is gone, the four examine the house. Question picked up a key, which Green Arrow saw. He took the key, and after recognizing it as a locker key, he and Black Canary headed off to the train station. Huntress berated Question and his "mystery man mojo", but he revealed to her that the key wasn't the clue. He had misdirected Arrow and Canary from the real clue—a shipping schedule. One freighter on the schedule was particularly interesting, as it came from Mandragora's home country. They headed for the docks, but found Canary and Arrow were following them—the misdirection hadn't worked as well as they'd hoped. Question lost them by driving in the Midtown Tunnel; Canary and Arrow had to call for an emergency teleport into a nearby body of water in order to evade an oncoming train.

    Huntress and Question made it to the docks at the moment the freighter arrived, but found Black Canary and Green Arrow there too. The couples took on each other and later Mandragora, who proves a tough match. Black Canary hits him with her canary cry, which was ineffective, at which point Huntress draws her crossbow on him. As she is about to shoot, a boy runs up. She remembered how she, as a child, had witnessed her father's death, and decided Edgar should not suffer the same. Instead of shooting at Mandragora, she hit a pile of support beams that was suspended from a crane above them. Mandragora was pinned down and wounded, but lived.

    As the Mandragoras are carried away by police and child services, Huntress sees that Question had never once believed she could tell him anything about Cadmus. Furthermore, Question knew Edgar would be at the scene and trusted Huntress to do the right thing for the boy's sake. Question confessed to going along with her because he liked her, at which point Huntress kissed him and dragged him away.

    Huntress and Question became lovers, and also an unofficial team. Huntress helped Question break into a Cadmus terminal by fending off security while he downloaded information. However, Huntress snatched the USB drive from Question's hands and held it for ransom. Begrudged, Question agreed to a date.

    After that night, Question coops himself behind his computer for three days, intent on breaking the files. Huntress tries to reason with him, but after what he saw, he runs straight out. Left behind, she goes through the files as well, and stumbles upon a file in which Superman killed President Luthor. She thought it was some kind of simulation, and did not know it was actually footage from another dimension. Desperate to see Superman about this, she kidnaps Jimmy Olsen and uses his signal watch to attract Superman's attention.

    Together, they went on an off-the-books mission into a Cadmus terminal in Covenant, New Mexico. The two easily break through the defenses and retrieve Question from his torturer, Dr. Moon.

    While Superman takes on Captain Atom, Huntress drags Question to safety. The fight between the two powerhouses leaves a good path outside, where she uses Superman's com link to contact J'onn. He at first refused to teleport her aboard the Watchtower because she was not a member of the League anymore. She filled him in on Question's condition and Superman's fight, and earned her ride.

    In the infirmary, Huntress remained at Question's bedside. Superman wanted to have some words with Question, and Huntress left them to talk. At that moment, an outside force took control over the Binary Fusion Generator and fired it at the Cadmus facility in Covenant.

    In retaliation, Cadmus ordered an attack on the Watchtower. Galatea and an army of Ultimen clones made it aboard the Watchtower. Huntress tried to take some on, but a Wind Dragon deflected all her crossbow bolts. A Juice clone crept up behind her, but was knocked out with a bedpan by Question. The League emerged victorious in the battle.

    She appeared in the episodes: Initiation, Double Date, Question Authority, and Grudge Match.

    She was voiced by Amy Acker.

    Batman: The Brave and The Bold

    (in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, 2008-2011)

    Huntress, Catwoman, and Black Canary in Batman: The Brave and The Bold
    Huntress, Catwoman, and Black Canary in Batman: The Brave and The Bold

    The Huntress and Batman share a common past, children orphaned when their parents were violently killed leading them to take on costumed identities and take justice. However, the Huntress came from a much different background. Helena Bertinelli was born into Gotham City under a leading family in the Mafioso. In what came to be known as the Palm Sunday Massacre, Helena's family was assassinated. She fled to Sicily where she was trained under her cousin and then returned to Gotham.

    As the Huntress, Helena's extreme vigilantism crossed the line and put her at odds with Batman, whom she openly flirts with. Bertinelli took on a career at Gotham University as a professor, most likely as the perfect alibi to cover for her alter-ego. Months later, Huntress was attacked by Faceless Hunter and turned with a Starro clone. She was returned to Gotham University to infect students and faculty with clones. After the invasion, she teamed up with Black Canary to capture Two-Face while he tried to steal the famed Cloak of Nefertiti. However, after that failed, she, Canary, Catwoman, and Batman infiltrated a mobster summit to try again to arrest Two-Face. Things took a turn for the strange when Batman believed he was Matches Malone and took over all of organized crime. Like Batman, Huntress has no superpowers, but prefers to use hand to hand combat and a crossbow against her enemies.

    She appeared in: Night of the Huntress!, Mayhem of the Music Meister!, Death Race to Oblivion!, The Power of Shazam!, Siege of Starro, Part 1!, Siege of Starro, Part 2!, The Mask of Matches Malone!, and Mitefall!

    She was voiced by Tara Strong.

    Live Action Series/Films

    Arrow (2012)

    Helena Bertinelli
    Helena Bertinelli

    Helena Bertinelli is a vigilante. She is the daughter of the late Frank Bertinelli, the former fiancée of the late Michael Staton, and the ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen. She was set on destroying her father's crime empire.

    She tried to kill her father but Oliver intervened, and she was almost killed by her father with her own crossbow. Luckily Oliver managed to save her, and she left the city after realizing that Oliver wasn't on her side. She later returned to Starling city to kill her father, because he made a deal with the FBI and the justice department to avoid jail time, in exchange for him to testify against the East Coast family, and would go into a witness protection program.

    She returned a second time, only to be stopped by Oliver, who was forced to let her go after she shot McKenna Hall.

    The Huntress
    The Huntress

    She came back to Starling City for a final time, now publicly known as The Huntress, when The Arrow arrested her father. She almost killed her father, only for him to be killed in the crossfire caused between vigilantes and a police officer. She was ultimately arrested by Officer Quentin and sent to prison.

    She was widely considered as the "personal archenemy" of Sara Lance aka The Canary, due to having threatened Sara's sister Laurel and having bested Sara herself during their first confrontation; however it was because Sara was holding back, it was confirmed in their rematch, as she bested Helena very quickly and easily, and would have killed her, if Laurel had not convince Sara to let her live.

    She is played by Jessica De Gouw, an Australian actress.

    Video Games

    DC Universe Online (2011)

    DC Universe Online
    DC Universe Online


    • The Huntress is a playable character for Legends PvP.
    • During the Batcave: Outer Caverns raid, the party will have to fight her, Nightwing, Robin, and Batwoman as they become infected by the OMAC virus and become OMACs.
    • Huntress appears randomly in the Safe House PvE and PvP arenas to support the heroes in various raids against the villains or to protect the Police Departments.
    • Huntress is a playable character in the solo simulation mission The Hunt


    • Can be found in the Central Hub of the Watchtower next to the Martian Manhunter. She gives new players an investigation tutorial mission.
    • Tech Heroes, with the support of Batwoman, will have to fight Huntress's hallucination along with the hallucinations of the other members of the Bat Family which included Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Black Canary in Gotham Sewer, part of the Scarecrow boss fight.


    • Supported by Catwoman, Tech villains must fight the Huntress over securing a shipment of weapons in the Burnley Freight Yards.
    • During the Cape Carmine Lighthouse Duo, villains will have to confront and fight Huntress and Nightwing who also seek to confront and stop Bane.
    • The Huntress is one of the random bosses who enter Arkham Asylum in the Make Them Mad mission. Villains have to stop her meddling with Scarecrow's, Poison Ivy's and Mister Freeze's activities by order of T.O. Morrow. (Requires Home Turf DLC)
    • The Huntress appears randomly as an opponent in the Police Station Tier 3 Duo.

    Justice League: Heroes (2006)

    She appears as an unlockable character in Justice League Heroes.

    Huntress and Wonder Woman in Justice League: Heroes
    Huntress and Wonder Woman in Justice League: Heroes

    Mob daughter Helena Rose Bertinelli swore to eradicate organized crime when her family was murdered. Although she has trained with Batman in martial combat and weaponry. Huntress often runs afoul of the Dark Knight for her violent ways, but continues to hunt the street for villains and predators of the innocent.

    • Faction: Heroine
    • Voiced By: Vanessa Marshall
    • Power: Skilled Combatant
    • Weapon: Gadgets

    Lego Batman (2008-2014)

    Huntress in Lego Batman 2
    Huntress in Lego Batman 2

    In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Huntress had Marion Ravenwood's hairpiece in black. Her face has a purple butterfly mask and wears purple lipstick. Her torso is black, and has purple lines which run down her torso and curve in the upper half to give it shape. She wears a utility belt with grey packets, and has a yellow emblem at the center. Her legs and arms are black, but her hips and hands are purple.

    Huntress is only playable on DS versions where she can walk tightropes and use the gymnastic poles to get to higher platforms. However, all of her parts, along with Azrael, The Spoiler, and Black Mask's, except for her hairpiece, are all available on consoles and PSP for usage in the character creator once the player reaches 100% completion.

    Huntress reappears in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes along with fellow Batman-family members Batman, Robin, and Batgirl, but this time on consoles, without using the character creator. Her mask is still purple, but also a separate piece from her head, and is taller than her head, which having a print on a minifigure head restricted her older design from doing. The mask also has a strap under her chin like Batman and Hawkman's cowl/helmets. Her hairpiece has been changed from Marion Ravenwood's to Professor Dumbledore's in black, and she has red lipstick. Huntress' torso is black with a white cross design which takes up the entire torso. Her legs, arms, and cape are also black and her boots and gloves are purple. She carries a brown crossbow which shoots silver arrows.

    In LEGO Batman 3: Although she does not appear as a playable character, Huntress appeared as a downloadable character. Her appearance is based on the CW series Arrow. The main outfit along with the crossbow, gloves, mask and hair are black. The hair however is wavy unlike the show where it appears straight. The suit features belt buckles around the waist area and purple designs.

    Batman: Arkham City (2011)

    Although Huntress doesn't appear in Batman: Arkham City, an interview by Vicki Vale with Quincy Sharp confirms that Huntress is a vigilante in Gotham City within the world of the game.

    DC Legends

    Huntress in DC Legends
    Huntress in DC Legends

    Helena / Huntress: The Zealous Crusader is a playable character in the game. She is is a Hero with Physical affinity. She is a Hero with Physical affinity.

    Her bio says: Helena Bertinelli grew up in a family of mobsters. But instead of taking over the family business she now ruthlessly tries to tear it down.

    The daughter of a powerful Gotham City Mafioso boss Helena Bertinelli witnessed her family assassinated by rivals. Fleeing the country she trained for years until returning as a vigilante. Though devoutly religious the Huntress pursues her vendetta against criminals without pity and is not above extreme measures. But with some guidance she strives to walk the straight and narrow as both a dedicated school teacher and crime fighter.


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