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The background of Andreva is unknown. Zeelvo called her a "recalcitrant". Someone marked by a stubborn unwillingness to obey figures of authority. It was left uncertain if she was another figure who refused his offers of recruitment (like Red Raven). Or one of his recruits who failed to follow orders. 

In either case, Andreva was sentenced to death and thrown into a chamber which accelerated the aging process of anyone held there. She landed right in the hands of Red Raven. Who revealed to her his wings. Right before attempting to escape. By the time they escaped, both of them looked decades older. Andreva tried coping with the situation by repeating the mantra: "Life begins at forty". Fortunately for them, the effects wore off quickly.

The two introduced themselves to each other and then parted. Andreva was next seen listening to the radio about the Raven's latest exploits. She was impressed and left how "wonderfull" the man was. Andreva was probably introduced as a love interest to the hero. But the story was a one-shot and Raven would not be revived until 1968. Andreva has not been similarly revived. 

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