kurosame's All-New Invaders #10 - Death-Locked!, Part 3: War of the Deathloks review

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"No, you're not forgiven..."

What happens:
- The Invaders learn that Kurt Dagmar was a Martian interested in Cybernetics
- That’s why he captured Toro and Iron Cross (which both learned they are Inhuman after the terrigen mists were released)
- Jim Hammond (Human Torch) gets crazy (I am not sure why)
- All Deathloks vanish after they destroy a device that brought them here in the first place
- London is attacked by a giant robotic machine (And again, I do not know why)

I did not like this issue. The plot is not interesting at all and also a bit confusing. I do not know what is going on and hopefully the next issue(s) will give some answers. I am looking forward to see Toros Inhuman form. Furthermore it seems we are going to see a fight between Namor and Human Torch (a classic). So, let’s hope for the next issue.

2 out of 5 sharks

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