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Meltdown awakens in a seemingly deserted town called Liddleville, with no memory of how she got there.  She meets one living person, Dimitri Fortunov, who woke up in Liddleville himself a week earlier.  When Dimitri mentions Castle Doom, she begins to piece together recent events, which she relates to him:  X-Force met with Nathaniel Richards on a mission to disable the Time Platform belonging to the missing Dr. Doom.  At the castle gates, the team (Cable, Shatterstar, Siryn, Meltdown and Rictor) was confronted by Doom's guardian robots, the Servitors.  Each handled the automatons in his own way, but Meltdown fell through a trap door and was knocked out by another Servitor.  Her tale done, they soon look up to find a gigantic Cable looming over the town. 
At the same time, the members of X-Force left in reserve at a nearby gypsy camp, Sunspot, Warpath and Caliban, meet Sofia, a gypsy girl.  Warpath offers to lend her a CD, but when their fingers meet, Sofia collapses. 
Back at the keep, Cable and Richards release Meltdown and Dimitri from the device that transmitted their minds into the puppets of the miniture town.  Dimitri explains that he is the grandson of the baron Doom deposed to rule Latveria.  Suddenly, G. W. Bridge and two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents burst in, claiming the castle is under the jurisdiction of the U.N.  Not wanting to lose the castle he believes is his birthright, Dimitri attempts to toss a grenade, but is stunned by one of the agents, and falls against a control panel.  The Time Platform activates amid a burst of energy. 
At the gypsy camp, the leader, Esmerelda, explains Sofia collapsed after seeing a vision of Warpath's future.  Then, Esmerelda's son, Oskar, runs to inform them Castle Doom has just vanished.

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