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Wally West's family and allies take sides as he weighs an opportunity to profit from his powers at the risk of the precious Flash legacy. Meanwhile, the increasingly powerful media-villain Spin molds intangible mass anxiety into solid unstoppable force against the Flash!

Plot Summary

- Wally is understandably worried about his actions of the last issue. So too are the citizens of Keystone, who are questioning their trust in the Scarlet Speedster.

- Jay appears on a talk show, defending The Flash and revealing that all the stolen money and credit cards have been returned. The host keeps on placing the blame on The Flash, and at the behest of the show's director, who appears to have a connection to the mysterious creature that Spin is using to channel his powers, brings up the two children that Flash has been running around with lately.

- The Justice League decides not get involved officially and to let Wally handle his own problems for now. His old friend Roy Harper, formerly Speedy and currently Red Arrow, decides to pay Wally a visit.

- The Flash answers the ad from last issue and meets Mike Virgil. Apparently a telekinetic, and a seller of rare antique pop-culture memorabilia, Virgil hires Flash to watch a DVD that no one has ever been able to decode due to it's speed. Flash's powers should allow him to watch the disc in slow motion.

- Jay, under the influence of Spin, uses the vibrational leash between Iris, Jai and Wally to "pull" Wally to them. When Jay strikes Wally, the kids begin to defend their father.

- Before the fight really starts, it's broken up courtesy of a flare arrow from Roy. This disrupts Spin's control over Jay, and he and the Wests speed off to the television station to investigate, leaving Red Arrow in their dust.

- Spin's accomplice, now identified as Edwar, tells him The Flash is coming. Spin reveals more of their relationship. He gives Edwar emotion, and Edwar in turn gives him power. Spin asks Edwar to summon an anxiety they can use to defeat Flash. When it materializes, it's big, hairy, and decidedly simian...

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