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The Skystriker is an XP-14F Fighter Jet, and was firt used by G.I. Joe in 1983. It is primarily piloted by Ace, and has been used in numerous campaigns against Cobra. The Skystriker is G.I. Joe's "Master of the Air". It is an unbelievably powerful and dominating piece of machinery, combining the latest in electronics, weapons and speed into one single package. Based on the U.S. Navy's F-14 Tomcat, the Skystriker is an irreplaceable asset to the G.I. Joe team. Its ability to fly multi-purpose missions in nearly and weather condition and sustain heavy damage that would easily cripple any other aircraft is what makes the Skystriker the G.I. Joe team's primary fighter jet.

The Skystriker is protected with high-strength titanium/boron epoxy composite plating and armed primarily with an E-81 Aero Vulcan Gatling Gun. It also has a Portside E-41A1 Vulcan 50 mm Canon. It can carry a wide variety of missiles, but is typically equipped with SITE-5 Sidewinder, SITE-3 Sparrow, and SITE-32 Phoenix Missiles. The Skystriker is loaded with a bunch of sophisticated electronics. AN/AWG-12 Fire Control Radar, AN/6000-A Weapon Control Computer, AN/ALR-60 Radar Warning System, AN/ALQ-500 Electronic Countermeasures System.

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