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Born in Niigata Japan 1957,  Takahashi  Rumiko has published 8 different major manga for  publisher

Shogakukan. Much of her work has been made into TV series in Japan. Some such as InuYasha, have been put into films and cartoon series in both Japanese and English by Viz Meida, which is co-owned by Shogakukan. Her creations can be read and seen from Japan to North America to the UK.  
In 1978 Fresh out of  Gekiga Sonjuku, (famous manga school in Japan) Takahashi made her first manga series Urusei Yatsura.  By 1981, Urusei Yatsura became a TV series which was partly directed by Ghost in the Shell's director Mamoru Oshii.
  Urusei Yatsura

one pound gospel
Takahashi's work, One-Pound Gospel  ( Ichi Pound no Fukuin)  ran on Nippon TV on Saturdays for three months in 2008.  Kosaku Hatanaka, the protagonist, is used today in numerous ads to promote everything from energy drinks, to love hotels.   

Still active and still writing and drawling, Takahashi is one of Japan's wealthiest women. Her latest work Rin-ne started in 2009 has already cranked out three volumes and 59 chapters (as of June 2010)

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