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Deadpool #31 - My Robot Buddy Review


Agent Preston makes a major discovery about Deadpool's daughter. Meanwhile, the Merc with a Mouth continues his team-up with Dazzler.

The Good

So far, co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn's latest DEADPOOL story has focused heavily on "the Mark with a Math" and Dazzler's war against vampires. There's more of that in this latest chapter, but the story finally shifts gears and gives Agent Preston's plot much more of the spotlight. This is absolutely a good thing. We've seen plenty of Wade and Dazzler have fun slaying vampires, but now we get to really delve into the more compelling material this latest story has to offer. These developments bring out a nice emotional beat and leave us with a note that has me wondering how long it'll be until I can read the next issue. It's hardly all darkness and despair, though. There's plenty of silliness to go around and there's a good laugh or two in there, as well. Preston has a ridiculously enjoyable fight scene. It's so over the top to the point that it almost feels like extremely graphic slapstick comedy.

I've previously explained why I'm not the biggest fan of artist John Lucas' unique style, but I have to give credit where it's due. He nails the wackiness and silliness of the supremely violent fight scene. He transforms what could have been a horrifying sequence into something hilarious and absurd. The last page is absolutely terrific, too. Even when I'm not all that fond of the way certain characters look, Val Staples does a consistently great job with the assorted colors. Be it a shockingly violent fight or a discussion in a peaceful backyard, the coloring helps bring it all to life and fits the tone well.

The Bad

I can't help but feel like the vampire/Dazzler scenario was only there to include a loose connection to his wife and show us Deadpool's finally in a good mood right before hitting him with another dose of darkness. It's amusing, but the Preston side is way more interesting and you can't help but want to see more of it. Thankfully, this chapter is able to rectify that and it seems like the vampire element will now become secondary. I'm all for seeing how that concludes, obviously, but the dilemma over Deadpool's daughter is way more engrossing.

Lucas' eccentric and cartoon-ish style works when the wacky chaos comes front and center, but I just can't get into many of the exaggerated expressions and the way some heads are shaped. It's just not for me, unfortunately.

The Verdict

DEADPOOL's latest storyline finally starts heading in a more gripping direction, but co-writers Duggan and Posehn make sure we're treated to plenty of silly fun before we enter a darker atmosphere. And even when this story does begin to shift gears, it's still able to bring the occasional smile and make sure it isn't a totally depressing experience. And, just like with the last issue, they've left us on one heck of a cliffhanger. Sure, some of expressions and character work can be distracting but, all in all, it's an exciting issue and ends with a whole lot of promise.

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Posted By dagmar_merrill

Deadpool begging for help is one of my favorite moments ever. That was gut wrenchingly awesome!

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Posted By redwingx

This comic needs more love!

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Posted By TheCheeseStabber

This comic better be in best battles but the second panel is horrfying

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Posted By dagmar_merrill
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Posted By dondave

Preston is Marvel's Luther Strode

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Posted By signal11

For the love of Jebus, get rid of John Lucas.

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Posted By KHiscall

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Posted By nakobass

I like the story. but the Art looks like complete GARBAGE!!! I'm not buying another Deadpool comic until they get a new Artist to do the drawing. The Art literally makes me want to Throw-Up!!!

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Posted By signal11

I've been collecting and reading Deadpool since I don't know when. I've still got the old X-Forces.

That said, I'm done with Deadpool until they find another artist. I couldn't even get more than a few pages into this garbage art. The story could be brilliant. I don't care. I couldn't finish reading this book.

Comics are (among other things) a visual medium. This art is a steaming pile of poo.

I'll pick up Deadpool again when they drop this artist.

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Posted By dagmar_merrill
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Posted By ComicBookCoby
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Edited By Unkillable_Deadpool1

Jesus christ I hate that fucking ugly art. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE,I'm not even reading the issues until Lucas goes away.