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Alison was born to Judge Carter Blaire and Katherine Blaire in the Long Island suburb of Gardendale, New York. Her parents had a tight and tense relationship because her father was a strict law student, where as her mother was a free-spirited entertainer. Their relationship ultimately came to an end, when Katherine walked out on Carter while Alison was still a child, leaving Carter to raise her alone. Katherine's departure had a strong effect on Carter, who decided to keep her leaving a secret from Alison for the rest her life.

As Alison entered adolescence, and developed an ambition of becoming a talented singer, her father became extremely intolerant of the idea. He forced her to choose a life similar to his own and follow an education in law. However, despite her father's actions, Alison became a singer as well as continuing her path to law school. Alison's grandmother, Bella Blaire, was more sympathetic toward Alison and encouraged her to explore her real talents.

However, while Alison was performing at a high school dance show, her mutant powers manifested, and she was forced to blind all in attendance to save herself from persecution. After this event, Alison hid her mutation for years, afraid of what she was capable of. This only caused further alienation between she and her father. By the time she was ready for college, Alison began to explore her mutation and continued excelling in her musical career. She created her own unique performing suit, with mirrored clothes, make-up, and a pair of roller-skates. She also gave herself the nickname, 'Dazzler.' At her graduation ceremony, she informed her father that she was not going to be attending the law school he'd selected. Instead she opted to pursue her career as a singer, with or without Carter's blessing and financial support.


The creation of Dazzler was the result of a cross-promotion between Marvel and a musical record label called Casablanca Records. Sometime around 1980, Casablanca approached Marvel with the idea of creating a new comic hero, while at the same time in the real world a new artist (working for Casablanca) would take on the same persona as this character. John Romita Jr. designed her first costume, but the remainder of Dazzler's character traits came together from the input of many people. Conflicts between the ideas developed by Marvel and the record company arose. Dazzler made her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #130 before the development had finished, and the cross promotion eventually collapsed, with Dazzler's solo series beginning in 1981.

Major Story Arcs

Meeting other Mutants

Dazzler meets the X-Men
Dazzler meets the X-Men

In one of her first major appearances, she managed to beat out the Enchantress during an audition for a local talent agency, despite the fact that the goddess used her magicks to enhance her singing ability. Enraged, she attacked Dazzler at her show, where a number of prominent heroes were in attendance. She ended up defeating the Enchantress by herself, and began the roller coaster of being a reluctant superhero.

In the beginning stages of her singing career, Alison had huge obstacles pop up in front of her: she was detected by both the X-Men and the Hellfire Club as a mutant, and both groups wished to recruit her, the villains by force. They appeared at a club where Dazzler was performing and attacked with pawns. With the X-Men's aid, she escaped.

At her first stadium show, she was forced to battle the Hulk, who had been working (in his alter-ego form, Bruce Banner) as a roadie. After defeating him, she was noticed by the secret government organization Project Pegasus, who wanted to study her abilities.

While with the project, her powers were tested exhaustively, and the scientists discovered that there was an unlimited amount of sound that she could transduce into light. Dazzler also had made her own discovery, she'd developed a mutual attraction to Quasar, who was head of security at Project Pegasus. The dalliance was short lived however, when one of her fellow test subjects, Klaw, attempted to escape. She aided Quasar in the battle, absorbing the attempted escapee completely. As an act of contrition, she succeeded where Klaw had failed and escaped the evil compound once and for all.


Soon after her escape, she was captured by Galactus. Galactus needed her abilities, in that she was the only being that could safely exist in a black hole. His former herald Terrax, betrayed him and fled from his wrath to hide in the aforementioned anomaly. Galactus super-charged Dazzler with sound, and sent her in after his wayward herald. She battled Terrax defeating and dragging him back to the devourer of planets for punishment. Thus completing her mission, she was returned to Earth.

One of the more exciting stories was when Dazz fought the Grapplers in Ryker's Island Prison. The female prisoners there consisted of Letha, Poundcakes, Screaming Mini/Songbird, and Titania. At first the women made fun of the lovely girl and they cannot believe that she defeated Klaw. They considered her a creampuff. However, Dazzler used her mutant powers to defeat all four of the women with a fair amount of ease.

Although she had many men vying for her affections, it was at this point that Archangel began courting her in earnest, seeing Alison as a preferable alternative to the others he'd dated in the past. Although things never worked out between them, he helped reunite her with her estranged parents. He also teamed up with her to battle Doctor Octopus.

Dazzler trades punches with Poundcakes
Dazzler trades punches with Poundcakes

Dazzler eventually traveled to the west coast, where she tried her hand at acting. She met and became romantically involved with movie producer, Roman Nekoboh, who convinced her to film a movie telling her story. He also convinced her to come out as a mutant to her fans. She agreed, but the backlash from her non-mutant fans prevented them from releasing,"Dazzler: the Movie."

Her career now in shambles, the only work she could procure was as a back-up singer for interstellar rock star, Lila Cheney and her band, Cats Laughing. This did not last long, since the Beyonder summoned a number of Earth's heroes (including Dazzler) to battle a number of villains. He also took a special romantic interest in our heroine, declaring her the most beautiful and powerful being he had ever met. After several failed attempts to win her over, the Inhuman turned god returned her to Earth.


A new team, a new look!
A new team, a new look!

Dazzler was yet again forced into the life of a super-heroine, having been possessed by the Marauder known as Malice . She went to her friends, the X-Men, for help. They managed to defeat Malice and liberate Dazzler, at which point she realized that joining them (at least temporarily) was her best option. Unfortunately, this meant working alongside former Brotherhood member, Rogue, who had been one of Dazzler's worst enemies. During this period the X-Men left New York and stayed in Australia. This was due to the battle with the Adversary where the X-Men died to defeat the evil entity. Roma resurrected the team and transported them down under. While there, Dazzler fell hard for fellow teammate, Longshot. Her training, skills, and confidence grew as she stayed with the mutant team. However, when she looked within the magic gem known as the Siege Perilous, she saw all possible outcomes of choices made in her life (including a possible life as a bag-lady) which hindered her progress. Then, after defeating Master Mold and fleeing the Reavers, an amnesia-suffering Dazzler washed up on a beach in Malibu, California. Luckily, she was found by former fellow band member, Strong Guy. She agreed to rejoin the band, but still did not regain her memory even after seeing the public debut of her movie.

Longshot and Mojoworld

Leading the resistance with Longshot
Leading the resistance with Longshot

Eventually, she was found by her former lover Longshot, who convinced her to accompany him to his home dimension of Mojoworld to aid the rebellion that he began. Slowly, her memories began to return and after their victory on Mojoworld, Dazz married Longshot and became pregnant. She remained with Longshot for a number of years, but eventually started missing her home and house and returned towards Earth.

Return to Earth

With Dazzler back on Earth without Longshot, she traveled to England, where her music was featured in a retro resurgence. Once again, she started performing as a singer and in her original outfit. During this time, she also encountered Deadpool.

Eve of Destruction

Dazzler and the new team of X-Men verus Magneto
Dazzler and the new team of X-Men verus Magneto

Dazzler was next seen aiding Jean Grey (and the surviving mutants of Genosha) in battle against a re-powered Magneto, who had captured Professor X. Dazzler informed Jean that she believed Longshot had been killed. Jean meanwhile, could not help sensing that she had lost the baby. What actually happened was unknown at the time, but it was later revealed that Shatterstar was actually Dazzler and Longshot's son as an adult.


After the events of Decimation, the prejudice against mutants worsened, and Dazzler was more unpopular than ever. She fell on hard times resorting to low-level (if any) performances. With a horrible past, no friends, and no foreseen future, she turned to drugs.

New Excalibur

Dazzler in Excalibur
Dazzler in Excalibur

Dazzler resurfaced sometime later, joining Excalibur and giving her singing career another go. During her adventures with the team, Dazzler was "killed," multiple times, only to recover soon after. The first incident occurred after a gig in an English night club where she was killed by an evil Jean Grey. She later miraculously woke up in the hospital, having been given a clean bill of health. Her second "death," occurred during battle with Black Tom. One of his henchmen shot her in the back, but after a few moments she got up, dusted herself off and was essential in his defeat. So far, there has been no explanation as to her bizarre reincarnations. During her stint with New Excalibur; Dazzler, Nocturne, and Juggernaut entered into a rather obscure love triangle. Juggernaut's spurned affections lead to his descension back to villainy. In addition, the team allied itself with the Exiles and Dazzler was reunited with Longshot, though this time HE was suffering from amnesia and did not remember her. Eventually, he regained his feelings for and memories of, his lover.Together, they left their teams to re-establish their relationship, but what transpired between them remains unknown. Dazzler rejoined the X-Men on Utopia and Longshot joined X-Factor in Detroit.

Rejoining the X-Men

On her way to San Fran!
On her way to San Fran!

Times again became tough and Dazzler had to put her microphone down. She spent almost all of her left-over money paying for the shows she'd cancelled. With the last bit of money she had she bought a plane ticket to San Francisco. While on the plane, a man caused a bit of a ruckus, going so far as to take a flight attendant hostage. Dazzler tricked the man into singing a duet to distract him. As the song ended, Dazzler blinded him with a light show and blasted him into unconsciousness. Another passenger was so impressed with her performance that he approached her about singing (once a week for a month) at a nightclub he owned. Dazzler accepted and now resides on Utopia with the other powered mutants.

As she adjusted to life in Cali, her career finally became somewhat steady. Even some of the X-Men attended her concerts. One night, as Pixie was leaving Dazzler's venue, she was badly beaten by the Hellfire Cult. She was rushed to the hospital and Beast sat by her side, informing her that he had a special guest to see her. Dazz made her entrance with little flickers of light dancing around her head. She stayed with Pixie to raise her morale. As she left, she invited Pixie to join her on stage in future shows, due to the winged girl's mutant abilities. Pixie politely declined the offer, explaining that she felt as though being an X-Man wasn't exactly for her. Dazzler understood completely, (having felt this way many times before) but informed Pixie that the offer still stood, no matter how long she waited.

Back Home
Back Home

Dazzler received her big break and her fame skyrocketed, but she never forgot about the deal she made with Pixie. Pixie soon took her up on the offer and aided her in many performances. After a night out on the town, Dazzler, Pixie, and Northstar returned to Graymalkin Industries. They discovered Cyclops sleeping on the couch in the recreation room. In the dark of the room, Northstar asked him if he & Emma had had a fight, but Cyclops didn't answer. Dazzler used her abilities to shed some light on the subject and the trio gets a good peep show, since Cyke is buck naked. He quickly covers up, and as he storms out of the room, he catches a whiff of alcohol on Pixie's breath. She realized what had happened and teleports away. As Cyke reprimanded the two adults, he was suddenly hit with a psychic message from Emma.

She attempted to alert them to an attack from the Sisterhood of Mutants, but was subdued by Lady Mastermind. Just then, Chimera and Martinique Jason teleport into the rec room and a battle commences. The three X-Men took the duo out, and Dazzler was able to join Emma, Karma, and Storm in their efforts to subdue the other Sisterhood members. Psylocke meanwhile had been returned to her British body, and was under Madelyne Pryor's control. Psylocke and Dazzler duked it out, and the ninja psychich quickly gained the upper hand. Just in time, Dazzler absorbed all of the sound from nearby San Francisco and blasted a beam of light right into Psylocke's face, releasing her from Pryor's telepathic clutches and restoring her to her Asian body.

Dazzler was also shown as part of the team that took on the Dark X-Men. In addition, she assisted in the battle between her home team Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts.


Dealing with Klaw
Dealing with Klaw

As her stay on Utopia continued, she was shown alongside Psylocke fighting Selene's army of resurrected mutants. Dazzler also discovered that her half-sister, Mortis, was one of the Black Queen's top generals. Mortis' fragile mind was being manipulated by Selene who combined her talents with the deadly mutant's already existing inferiority complex. This resulted in her unbridled hatred toward Dazzler. She tried to convince her sister to stop fighting, but to no avail. When Selene was finally defeated, Lois teleported to an unknown destination with Blink.

Shortly thereafter, Mortis contacted her sister and set up several meetings to discuss a variety of topics. Dazzler was hesitant, and rightly so, Lois missed all but one of them. The one meeting she did attend resulted in Dazzler being drugged and having quite the rude awakening in Murderworld. Lois concocted a scheme with Arcade to use his maniacal machinations to end Dazzler's life. While in Arcade's "fun," house, Dazzler fought against artificially synthesized versions of some of her worst former nemeses. (including her one time boss, Galactus) Dazzler was able to defeat every single one, pushing her powers to extents she'd never reached before. Her victory, however complete, did not last long. Klaw appeared (despite being "killed," by Dazzler years ago) and explained how he'd heard Lois' cries of hatred against Dazzler and opted to join forces with Lois in her attempt to destroy her half-sister. Dazzler learned that Klaw reconstituted himself independent of her power, and was now able to resist it. The ensuing battle (though quite exhaustive for Dazzler) resulted in Klaw fleeing for his life. Subsequently she defeats Lois and brings her to Utopia to be treated for the damage Selene had done. Cyclops initially denied Lois residence on the island, but with some harsh words from Dazzler concerning other reformed villains (particularly Emma), he decided to let Lois stay. He refused however, to allow Emma to help in her recovery, but Psylocke agrees to help mend Lois' broken mind.

Second Coming

Dazzler in Limbo
Dazzler in Limbo

Shortly thereafter Dazzler teamed up with Cyclops once again to enter Limbo and retrieve Magik from her imprisonment therein. Upon entering the alternate dimension, the team (consisting of Cannonball, Dazzler, Gambit, Trance, Pixie, Anole, and Northstar) is attacked by hordes of demons and forced to split up. She ended up alone and seemed poised to lose the fight, but is saved by Northstar in the nick of time. He and Dazzler meet Gambit, who had unfortunately (and indeed, untimely) reverted to his Death persona. He then attacked Northstar, who was able to evade his cards. As he avoided the attack, it donned on him that he wasn't the intended target, and Dazzler is hit. The blow transformed her into a state similar to Gambit's. Dazzler, (having been completely consumed by the concept of survival of the fittest) joined Gambit's ranks to go after the other X-Men in Limbo and infect them as well.Northstar soon found himself under the Death spell and the trio set off to battle Cannonball and Anole and recapture Illyana. As they approached Illyana, they encountered Pixie and N'Astirh, whose attempt to convince Pixie to kill Illyana had gone unheeded.

Dazzler: Manipulated by Death
Dazzler: Manipulated by Death

The three infected X-Men began fighting N'Astirh, and Dazzler burned a hole through one of his wings. Realizing N'astirh was less of a threat than the twisted trio, Pixie join forces with him to defeat them. She and N'Astirh are soon at their wits end and loss seemed imminent. Just then, Cannonball arrived with Anole and they took out Northstar without breaking a sweat. Gambit then sent Dazzler after Pixie. As Dazzler approached her, Pixie tried to reach the true Dazzler, reminding her that they'd been friends. Dazzler ignored this and prepared to attack. Luckily, Anole took her out with a strong deck to the face. Pixie was then able to release Illyana and together they stab Gambit with their Soulswords. The interference this magic created allows Gambit's real personality to defeat the demons controlling him. As Gambit was released from Death's harsh persona, Dazzler and Northstar returned to normal. With Illyana saved and Limbo back under her control the team safely teleported (with Pixie's help) back to Utopia.

Curse of the Mutants

Taking down the Vamps with ease
Taking down the Vamps with ease

Soon, Dazzler found herself part of an away team sent to a vampire populated island to retrieve Dracula's corpse in order to resurrect it. The mission was ultimately a failure, since her UV light producing powers prove ineffective against the vampires. Turns out they were equipped with special light bending medallions. She only makes it out alive with the help of her good friend, Northstar. Emma (who was also part of the team) scolded Dazzler saying she was completely useless in the fight, apart from giving her tan lines. They attacked a second time, again Northstar came to her aid removing the medallions so Dazzler was able to defeat a large group of vampires with relative ease.

After this, Dazzler investigated a series of vampire murders near the nightclub scene. After visiting a certain club, Alison's search for vampires yielded no results. The only thing she did find was a man who hit on her. In order to avoid any further come-ons, Dazzler left, but the man wouldn't take a hint. Dazzler turned on him, screaming at him to leave her alone. All of a sudden, he was attacked by a vampire. Dazzler fried him, but the vampire escaped. She followed the vampire on her motorbike, to his hideout. She staked out the joint, learning he was part of a gang of vampires that didn't feed on human blood. The vampire was trying to get the guy who'd hit on her, to leave her alone. This saddened Dazzler and made her reconsider her attitude to vampires.

Her career in Utopia went on. Fellow residents, Frenzy and Nekra Sinclair, decided to take a different tack and turn to villainy. They formed an alliance and committed all sorts of crimes unbeknownst to Cyke and Emma. They went to San Francisco to burn down a museum and endanger civilians. Dazzler and Northstar teamed up again to stop them. They told the two renegades that they can't just do whatever they want and that they knew the two women were better than this. These admonitions fell on deaf ears and a two-on-two fight broke out. At first, Frenzy had the upper hand on Dazzler, but she took Frenzy down using a powerful energy blast. The two defeat the would-be villainesses right in front of a crowd of cheering civilians. Which only further boosted the popularity of the two X-Men.


Shortly after the event known as the Second Coming, the inhabitants on Utopia came down with a nasty disease. During this time the mutants that weren't on the island were charged with carrying out the duties of the X-Men, while all the mutants on Utopia battled the virus. The uninfected mutants were only Storm and Archangel , with Pixie, Dazzler, and Northstar having been at one of Dazz's concerts when the virus hit the island. The disease turned out to be a mutant-only flu that robbed them of their powers, in addition to making them extremely sick. The un-quarantined X-Men are left to defend San Francisco as well as finding whomever had created the virus. The team first encountered a biologically engineered version of the original 5 X-Men (Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Archangel, and Jean Grey) that Lobe had engineered from a serum of the mutant genome with the Sublime Corporation's assistance. Lobe had also been outed as the creator of the mutant flu, and thus revealed plans to patent all known mutations and market them to the public.

He had success with the more wealthy inhabitants of San Francisco during a party at the Triumph Hill Ballroom. The five untainted mutants battled his minions, including: Bouncing Betty, Verre, Burst, and Thug. The battle ended well for the small team, until Lobe released the serum to the entire crowd of people, granting the guests the varied powers of all the mutants on Earth. Again the battle starts in their favor, until the sheer number of mutates created overwhelmed them. A deathly ill and depowered team of X-Men from Utopia alights on the mainland to assist Storm's team. As the battle raged on, most of the transformed humans believed themselves superior, seeing that the X-Men were powerless. However, Lobe and the other mutates from the party became infected. Cyclops then forced Lobe to release the antidote leaving the humans with the message that being a mutant means being persecuted, hunted, and manipulated.

Fear Itself

Siryn & Dazzler Combine Powers
Siryn & Dazzler Combine Powers

In her latest adventure, she is thrown into a battle with the Unstoppable Juggernaut who had been granted even more tremendous power by the Midgard Serpent. The X-Men engaged him on his way to San Fran, and Dazzler is among one of the first to attack him, though the whole team (Storm, Dazzler, Archangel, and Cannonball) was unable to phase him. Then Cyclops had a lot of the X-Men attack in combos. Cyclops has Pixie teleport Siryn in from X-Factor and combined her supersonic scream with Dazzler's sound transducing power in order to create extremely intense laser beams, This plan, though brilliant, proved ineffective.

Dazzler: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


The current director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Maria Hill, decided that in order to more successfully deal with the "mutant problem", she needed someone who had dealt with the X-Men in the past. She needed a mutant. After going through lists of X-Men and mutants, she decided to call in Dazzler, who agreed to work as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. And so, Ali Blaire became Maria Hill's mutant liaison. In this capacity, Dazzler worked to stay informed of mutant affairs, and to bridge the gap between the X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D. that had been created by years of distrust and deception as well as the more recent Avengers versus X-Men incident. Her major assignment was to locate the mutant revolutionary Scott Summers, and to either talk him into turning himself in, or to shut him down. Neither of these ended up happening, but Ali gave it her best effort anyway. She tracked down Fabio Medina, aka Goldballs, a new mutant that had been recruited by Cyclops and his revolution. Goldballs wasn't sue he wanted to be a part of Cyclops's team, and so he was let go. When he returned to his home, Dazzler found him, and talked to Fabio and his family, trying to get a location for Cyclops's base out of him. Goldballs, who truly did not know, didn't cooperate. Therefore, he was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, and locked away in a helicarrier. When Scott Summers found out, he had Magik teleport his team to the helicarrier's prison cell to free Fabio. When they arrived, Dazzler had been questioning Fabio. There was a brief, non-violent confrontation between the two parties, and then Scott's team, along with Fabio disappeared, leaving Ali locked in the cell. Later on, when she was let out, she returned to her living quarters on board the helicarrier, feeling defeated. She was visited by who appeared to be Phil Coulson. He consoled her, offered her a warm beverage, and said he was a huge fan of her music. Dazzler thanked him, and drank from the cup he offered her. She began to choke and sputter, and passed out. This "Phil Coulson" revealed himself to be Mystique in disguise. She then assumed the appearance of Dazzler, saying that she meant what she'd said: she was a huge Dazzler fan. For the next couple of months, Dazzler was kept imprisoned in a facility on Madripoor. Mystique, all the while posing as Agent Dazzler, used her DNA to manufacture Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH), a drug that granted the user temporary powers. As Dazzler, Mystique had a great deal of influence and received a great deal of information from SHIELD. She ran an operation at the Jean Grey School that allowed two agents on MGH to infiltrate the school pretending to be mutant students. Their job was to assess the student body as threats to determine their threat level. The plan was discovered and foiled by the students.

Return to the X-Men


Ali was finally discovered and freed by Magneto, who had returned to Madripoor to put an end to MGH distribution. He helped Ali leave and returned with her to JGS, where Scott's team and Storm's team were under attack. When the helicarrier began open firing on the school, Mystique-Dazzler left the scene, even as Maria Hill ordered her to return. Hill then ordered her other agents to shoot Agent Dazzler on sight, believing that she had some hand in the attack. Once the mess was cleared up, Hill ordered her agents to arrest the real Dazzler. Infuriated, Ali told Hill what had happened - that she, while on board a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier was drugged and kidnapped. Hill apologized and told her agents to stand down. She asked Dazzler to join her once again. This time, Ali refused, saying that the whole affair just served to remind her of where she really belongs - with the X-Men. She left JGS with Scott's team, and returned the Weapon X facility in the Canadian wilderness. Emma Frost, Magik, Scott, and Magneto returned to Madripoor with Ali so that she could seek out Mystique, who'd already left the area. When they returned to the facility, Ali decided to crop a large portion of her hair off, and to dye the tips of her mohawk black. She then adopted a darker outfit and attitude, more befitting of her current state of mind and the revolutionary antics of Scott's team.

The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier

Out For Blood
Out For Blood

Some time after Charles Xavier's passing, his last will and testament were given to Jennifer Walters, aka the Sensational She-Hulk, to read to the involved parties. In order for the will to be read, all of those listed by Xavier needed to be present, including Scott Summers. Scott, along with Magik, Kitty Pryde, Emma, and Ali teleported to JGS to hear the will with the other X-Men. It was revealed that Xavier had married Mystique. The revelation shocked and appalled everyone - except Emma, who flew into a fit of laughter when she heard. Despite Mystique's newly-revealed relationship to Charles Xavier, Ali still promised that she'd kill Mystique with her bare hands. When Hank asked her to return to the Jean Grey School to teach, rather than at the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants with Cyclops, Ali stated that she was just too angry - she needed a fight, and she was going to find it. Ali remained at JGS with Emma and Kitty while Magik and Cyclops left with the others to find and deal with the omnipotent mutant, Matthew Malloy, that Xavier informed them of in his will.



Dazzler is a mutant with the ability to transduce sound into light. She can use any source of sound for this (with the exception of her own voice unless it is redirected to her via speakers). She stores this energy until she is willing and/or able to release it. She can use this light in a variety of ways. Some of the abilities Dazzler has displayed include:

  • Blinding light.

  • Dazzle-Blast - A light show so intense it overwhelms the nervous system of the person watching and often causes unconsciousness. This was her main method of attack in her earliest appearances in her disco era.
  • lasers ( beams of light that can cut through solid metal)
  • photon blast ( a beam of solid light that strikes with concussive force)
  • Holograms (both solid and intangible)

  • "Light fog" which refracts light to hide people and/or objects from view

  • Flight

  • Force Fields (offensive and defensive)

  • Therapeutic Light to calm and increase blood circulation of allies
  • Ultra-Violet radiation blasts

Dazzler has also learned to release the stored sound inside her in its original form for a supersonic blast.

There is no limit to the amount of sound that she can absorb and release as light.

Alison is an accomplished skater, dancer, actress, and is well trained in hand-to-hand combat. She is incredibly agile, especially while skating.

Alison is also an incredibly gifted singer, once being told by Odin that she had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard.


Alison Blaire is a well known performer and displayed great performing skills especially in singing, dancing and acting. She is also an athlete and a great roller skater. Due to efficient trainings during her X-Men days, she also had become a good hand to hand combatant.


Originally, Dazz carried a radio with her to provide her with an available source of sound. After joining the X-Men, Professor X provided her with a special suit that could absorb and store sound energy. She has since learned to do this without the suit.

Allison: Donning roller skates
Allison: Donning roller skates

Alison also occasionally uses magnetic roller skates that attach to her boots.


Alison Blaire
Alison Blaire
  • Known Relatives: Bella Blaire (paternal grandmother), Carter Blaire (father, deceased), Katherine Blaire-Brown (A.K.A. Barbara London, mother), Nicholas Brown (step-father), Lois London (A.K.A. Mortis, half-sister), Longshot (ex-husband), and Shatterstar (A.K.A. Gaveedra Seven, son)
  • Citizenship: American
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Occupation: Adventurer, singer, actress, model, dancer, roller-skater, revolutionary
  • Education: College graduate


  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 115 lbs. (52 kg)
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Ginger

Alternate Realities

Earth-1610 Ultimates Universe

Earth 1610 - Ultimate
Earth 1610 - Ultimate

In the Ultimate Universe Dazzler was a singer in a punk band called Dazzler. The X-Men approached her suggesting she join them, but she refused since the X-Men could not give her a recording contract that she required. Emma Frost was then the one to persuade her, and promised her a recording contract which led to her joining the Academy of Tomorrow. After proving herself against the Sentinels, Dazzler was sent to join the X-Men. Unlike the other students, she was not aware of the Institute's rules and regulations. To focus on her X-Men membership, Professor X mentally suggested to her to shut down the Dazzler band. When half of the team was sent on a mission regarding Longshot, she created a cabal without the knowledge of Xavier. Angel was abducted but was able to be saved, though Longshot was proven guilty of murder and escaped. Back at the Institute, they were confronted by Professor X. Fearing that Dazzler would be expelled, Angel said that he was the one who'd formed the secret team. He was expelled, but in return for his selflessness, Dazzler rewarded him with a kiss and the two became romantically involved with each other.

When Lady Deathstrike put her into a coma, Nightcrawler often visited her and developed a bit of an obsession with the singer. He even went so far as to kidnap Dazzler, and the X-Men rescued her. She told them she didn't believe that Kurt would harm her which led to her quitting the team. The Ultimate version of Dazzler died in the flood caused by Magneto.

Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse

Earth 295 A.o.A.
Earth 295 A.o.A.

Dazzler became a popular performer after Apocalypse's first strike against America. Her father paid a woman to take her to a more secure location. Unknowingly, the woman was Mystique in disguise. Mystique then discovered that Dazzler's mutation and brought her to Magneto where she became an X-Man. While the X-Men were out on a mission, Nemesis attacked, necessitating Scarlet Witch to sacrifice herself for the good of the team. Dazzler admired Wanda for her selflessness and continued her membership with the X-Men. Later she developed a romantic relationship with Exodus. He went AWOL in the subsequent mission and Dazzler waited for his reappearance, believing that he was still alive. As she waited, she continued serving as an X-Man and helps to rebuild the world.

Earth-58163 House of M

House of M
House of M

In this reality, Dazz's father embraced her musical talents, enhancing her abilities with lessons. She then discovered she was a mutant and became a popular sensation worldwide, which made her a very in-demand performer. However, her stardom did not last long and she faded from the public eye. During her return, she hosted her own talk show entitled 'Alison.' Her show featured all sorts of public figures such as superhumans, celebrities, and even politicians. It became a worldwide hit. Storm then used her guest appearance on the show to say that she did not agree with Magneto's attempt on handling the mutant affair.

Earth-41001 The End

X-Men The End
X-Men The End

Dazzler was among those of the X-Men who joined forces with the Shi'ar to fight Cassandra Nova who had been consumed by the Phoenix. Dazzler blasted a light beam through Cassandra's head. This was ultimately ineffective on Nova, even with Storm, Iceman and Aliyah following suit. Cassandra was able to fight back and defeated the four X-Men.

Earth-2149 Marvel Zombiverse

Marvel Zombies
Marvel Zombies

Dazzler was about to be raped and eaten by a zombified Winter Soldier. Ash saved her life and befriended Dazzler easily falling in love with her looks. She joined him in his search for the Necronomicon book, believing that it may somehow terminate the zombie race.

Ash then discovered the aforementioned book and realized that it was useless against the zombies. He then met an imprisoned Enchantress and freed her. He then met with Dazzler again. Unexpectedly, Enchantress was infected, having been attacked from behind. Dazzler was able to defeat her with her powers but her hand was bitten. Fearing that it would probably cause Dazzler to become a zombie, Doctor Doom blasted her to death.

The Necronomicon then resurrected her as a zombie. She joined a zombie horde that attacked the survivors which Magneto had been protecting.

Earth-721- Earth A


A Dazzler from this reality once had crossed over to Earth-616 to impersonate her counterpart. She was eventually discovered as an imposter and was then sent back to her original reality.

Earth-9997- Earth X


On Earth X, every human being on Earth was granted special powers. The Terrigen Mists were released into Earth's atmosphere and every single human on the planet was granted unique gifts. Because of this, Dazzler (along with every other mutant was not treated as an outcast race) became free to pursue her career in music. However, Dazzler found that the audience's interest in music had faded and fewer people began attending her concerts. Her last performance ended in a disaster when Mephisto cruelly ripped out her heart to demonstrate that Death itself had been destroyed. Like many other sick people, Dazzler suffered from mortal pain but was unable to die. When Jude was revived, it is presumed (though unconfirmed) that Dazzler was finally granted the gift of death.

Earth-70105- Bullet Points

Along with other members of the X-Men, Dazzler helped defend the Earth from Galactus.

X-Force Reality


Dazzler is known as Kimberly Schau. Her powers and identity differed greatly from her Earth-616 counterpart. Her power was electricity based.

Earth-77995 Age of Xavier

As the X-Men saved humanity, Dazzler was among them in becoming popular in the public eye. During a Danger Room mission, they were put to a test against a holographic Hellfire Club. As the synthesized followers of Apocalypse attacked them, Dazzler and Beast were injured.

Earth-8207 Dazzler Had Become the Herald of Galactus

Here, Dazzler was teleported to Galactus. She witnessed Terrax's exile and Galactus chose instead, to make Dazzler his herald. She decided to lead him only to planets that were uninhabited. Following some events and conversations, Dazzler had been freed and sent back to Earth but as she arrived, she found out that Earth had since become numbered among the lifeless planets. She then went back to Galactus and asked him to send her to an alternate, inhabited planet.

Earth-9112 Phoenix Did Not Die and Rise Again

As this story unfolded, Dazzler was a member of the X-Men that were assigned to save Jean Grey from Magneto. They were shocked to see Jean alive, because they knew her to have died after the Secret Wars. During the events that led to the necessity of passing the Mutant Registration Act, they had to fight the Sentinels. Dazzler was able to defeat Master Mold and his Sentinels with the help of the other X-Men.

Earth-21993 Cable Had Destroyed the X-men and Magneto Took Over the U.S.A


This reality featured Dazzler once again as a member of the X-Men. Dazzler's group was with Wolverine and they witnessed Cable's death. She then joined Magneto as he ruled the United States of America to save herself from the turmoil. She was later killed after Magneto unintentionally detonated a hazardous Sentinel.

Earth-82825 Dazzler Had Become a Stand-Up Comedienne Instead of a Singer

This dimension featured Dazzler aspiring to be noticed by the public eye. To do this, she used her mutant powers to light the stage for her stand-up comedienne act. After a night of performing, she was confronted by a group of thugs that asked her to sign to there boss' agency. Using her wit and great talent in comedy, she was able to trick and defeat them.

Earth-93600 Hulk Had Killed Wolverine

Again, Dazzler was a member of the X-Men in this scenario. They fought the Adversary in Dallas, Texas. However, despite their power, Dazzler (along with Madelyne Pryor and Longshot) was one of the first to be killed by the entity.

Other Media


X2: X-Men United

Dazzler's name appears in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.


Pryde of the X-men

Dazzler: Animated
Dazzler: Animated

Dazzler is a member of the X-Men introduced to Kitty Pryde during a Danger Room sequence. Dazzler calms the tension between Kitty and Wolverine as they argue. When the X-Men attempted to retrieve the power circuit from the Brotherhood, Pyro blocked their way and Dazzler told the X-men that she would take charge of fighting him so that the others could continue looking for Magneto.

X-Men: The Animated Series

Dazzler in X-men TAS
Dazzler in X-men TAS

She was briefly shown as one of Longshot's groupies in the Mojoverse episode. Later in the series, Dazzler played a bigger part, beginning with her performing in a bar. Cyclops and Gambit were out on the town, with Gambit trying to get Cyke's mind off of the dilemma that Jean had been through. After performing, Hellfire pawns attacked her. Cyclops appeared and rescued her. It was Donald Pierce attempting to kidnap her and force her to join the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Dazzler in Wolverine and The X-men
Dazzler in Wolverine and The X-men

Dazzler is one of the many mutants seeking refuge in Genosha. Once she gets there, she is shown performing a show. She only made a couple of non-speaking cameos.


Pryde of the X-men

Dazzler among the X-men in Pryde of the X-men
Dazzler among the X-men in Pryde of the X-men

Dazzler is one of the six playable characters in the arcade game Pryde of the X-men with Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Storm and Nightcrawler.

Marvel: War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes
Marvel: War of Heroes

Dazzler is part of the mobile game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • [Full Spectrum] Dazzler
  • [Light Show] Dazzler
  • [Rollergirl] Dazzler
  • [Liaison] Dazzler

X-men: Battle of The Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom
X-men: Battle of the Atom

Dazzler appears as a support card in the mobile game X-men: Battle of the Atom. Her cards are:

  • Dazzler
  • [Dimension Hunter] Dazzler
  • Dark Dazzler (HR)
  • President Elect Dazzler
  • Agent Dazzler
  • [Amazing XM] Dazzler
  • [Utopia Defender] Dazzler
  • [New Xavier School] Dazzler

Awards and Honours

Dazzler was ranked 83rd in Comics Buyer's Guide Presents: 100 Sexiest Women in Comics

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