The Igzvald Heresy

During the war with Dathron, the Talon's initial strong showing was soon undermined by the Seraphim Igzvald showing his true hand as a worshipper of the Dark Gods of Chaos and summoning forth Warmaster Xaraghoul the Ravager to the earth along with his hordes of chaos space marines, cultists, and daemons. Having to dedicate it's forces to fight this new threat, the Talon largely withdrew from the war with Dathron to fight agains tthe invaders, but the true blow came in the form of the defection of an entire third of the Order of the Talon to the forces of Chaos.

Eventually, Xaraghoul pulled back the majority of his forces to deal with other threats, but the Chaos Talon remains as one of the greatest threats to the order around. Though most of the traitors fled into space to hide in various warp storms, many remain on earth, forming an elite of the Chaos cults that were created on Earth following Xaraghoul's brief but bloody invasion. This heresy has left the Order severely undermanned and overstretched, and the long standing secret of it's existence is broken, for none missed the armies of men in medieval armour wielding weapons during the war against the invaders and the war against y-intercept.

Despite the reveal of the Talon's existence it remains a largely mysterious order, as it has not allowed any to investigate it's doings, often discouraging such investigations with lethal force. This has needless to say, not endeared them to the governments of the world who are extremely concerned that the Catholic army has such a large and pat it's disposal and many calls have been made to the Vatican to disband the order. But even as the Order chases it's Chaotic brethren, it has ignored it's old foe, the Black hand, which is preparing for the final stages of it's plan. Not out of choice, but out of an inability to divide their resources on the grave threat that the Chaos Talon poses and on the Icon's minions without massively exacerbating their already severe problems with man power.

The Igzvald heresy has deeply shook the Talon, which never expected that so many brothers and sisters of the order could turn traitor a way. And thus the already deep paranoia of the Talon has only worsened, and all are under suspect of harbouring heresy in their hearts, even as they hunt for the fallen talon warriors. Already, those members of the Talon who have uncovered their true relationship to the Symaarian navigator and those who firmly believe trine handed down by the triumvirate are algrowing further and further apart, and secession threatens the order, if ncivil war.

The Talon is now no longer capable of protecting the universe from it's direst and most secret threats, and though they would never admit it, they will need help in the storm that is to come. If the universe is to survive what is to come, old grudges will need to be settled and laid to rest before the common threat of the slavering hordes of the Icon's endless devotees. Besieged on all sides by the Orks, Genestealer Cults, Chaos, the Meditteranean Syndicate, the Black Hand and it's allies and Pawns, the disturbing uncovery of a vast necron force buried on mars, the looming threat of civil war, a world that is unsure whether to hate and fear them or respect and admire them, and their own arrogance, the Talon will have to do what it has not in centuries, adapt itself into this new changing world, or all things will be doomed.

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