What "Iron Man 3" can do that "1" & "2" did not.

Now maybe I'll be wrong, but imo, Iron Man 3 may finally give us something the other 2 movies didn't. An real Super Villain.

As successful as the Iron Man franchise has been - thanks to RDJ - the villains thus far have been weak. I'm not saying they are bad - but their big screen debuts didn't leave a strong impression on movie goers did it? Its unlikely that they left Iron Man 1 & 2 talking about who Iron Man faced. But since those movies were so Tony-centric (origin and legacy), it's not their fault entirely. Hopefully Marvel Studios will do right by IM's arch nemesis (good job so far ^_^) cause they kinda dropped the ball on the last one.

"The last one" being the Red Skull, who's part/portrayal in Captain America TFA left something to be desired (imo). It would have been great if he got the same TLC that Loki did - which was easier since he's Thor's brother.......aaaaand the main villain in Avengers.

Still, Marvel Studios movies need to do right by all of their villains in "Phase 2", they need to be stronger in every way. Selling them to the public is important too is it not?

The Mandarin looks and sounds GREAT so far, but he's gotta deliver.