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A few centuries ago (17th or 18th century most likely), Patience Drew was leader to her own pirate crew. She was skilled in the use of sabers and pistols. However the time of her death in battle came. Her pirate ship was caught in naval battle with a ship of the Royal Navy (British). Both ships endep up sinking in the Sargasso Sea. No crew member survived. But their fates had not ended in death. Their ghosts haunted the location of the sinking, forced to relive their final battle numerous times. 
In the 1980s, Namor encountered what seemed to him a real naval battle between two strangely old-fashioned ships. He observed the pirates almost winning the battle but falling for a trap. He intervened rescuing Patience and her ship. Figuring he had somehow time-traveled, the Atlantean chose to join Patience for the duration of his stay. The two soon fell in love. Together they raided the seas for a while, fighting side-by-side.  
At night Namor and Patience conversed in bed, exchanging life stories. She offered him an earing as a token of her love. One night Namor left the pirate ship alone, scouting a new course. Patience was strangely certain they would never see each other again. Indeed Namor found himself back in the Sargasso ship. Diving to the bottom, he located the familiar-looking pirate ship. Exploring it he discovered the skeleton of Patience, recognizable for its jewellery and other artifacts surviving the passage of time. Namor wondered if the experience was a dream ... until noticing he still wore Patience's gift on his ear. 
Namor's intervention seems to have allowed Patience and her crew to escape the circle of reliving their deaths in battle and live some new adventures. Namor leaving the ship broke the spell and returned them to their graves. Whether they are still reliving their final battle or not was left uncertain.

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