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Marvel Knights: the name conjures up images of the daring art and intriguing stories that have made the imprint one of the hottest in comics. Over the last few years, the KNIGHTS have given us a bold new interpretation on the Marvel Universe. We've seen DAREDEVIL become one of the most highly anticipated books on the stands, and the INHUMANS portrayed in the regal style which they so richly deserve. We've witnessed the return of the PUNISHER to his former glory and the marveled at the leather-clad beauty of the BLACK WIDOW in action. And each time we've seen art that blows the competition away.

Now, there's MARVEL KNIGHTS - the series! Written by Chuck Dixon, MARVEL KNIGHTS, is brought to bold, beautiful, breathtaking life by Eduardo Barreto. And in the very best tradition of MK imprint this book is not what you're expecting! A team book that is essentially an anti-team book, MARVEL KNIGHTS features a group of fiercely independent heroes! The Punisher, Black Widow, Dr. Strange, and Daredevil are not your average team players and they're sure to run into some problems the usketeers never dreamed of. Don't expect "One for all and all for one" to cross the lips of any of the characters in this book!

We've got your first peek at this bad-a** book right here. Plunge into the gritty world of MARVEL KNIGHTS, where the best solution is not always the most heroic, but always the most fascinating!

Marvel Knights:

The name is synonymous with the word "quality". We've come to expect innovative storytelling cutting-edge art, and top-shelf production from any book bearing the Knightly banner. Now, the tradition continues with a vengeance as we come to the next step in the MARVEL KNIGHTS evolution: MARVEL BOY!

Written by Grant Morrison and featuring the mind-blow art of J.G. Jones, fresh off his stint on the sharp and sexy BLACK WIDOW limited series, MARVEL BOY takes a twisted look at the Marvel Universe you didn't even know existed, and reveals it to be chock full of action, adventure and intrigu! Awe-sinspiring stories as only Grant Morrison can deliver them, with art that will knock you on your butt!

When you pick up a MARVEL KNIGHTS book you expect to see art that is out of this world and as usual, the KNIGHTS deliver! Take a look at the hot new character who just may be the next generation of Marvel super hero! But be careful not to burn your eyeballs - you'll need 'em when these books hit the stands next month!

NOTE: Indicia titled as "Marvel Knights/Marvel Boy Genesis Edition".

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