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Brief History

Daniel "Danny" Sylva the nephew of Simon Payne became Devil-Slayer too. After serving a second tour in Iraq he had problems with his fiancée who left him, he couldn't find a job and couldn't find religious peace so he went for a third tour, now not caring to return alive.

He describes Iraq as a yellowish brown spot on Earth with every thing on it dying. After a soldier called Wahl vanishes, Danny's team start to search for him. Suddenly they are ambushed and Danny is the sole survivor. Danny finds Wahl, strung up by his ankles with his throat slit while demons feed upon human bodies and their leader is his uncle's enemy Belathauzer. He's rescued by Isaac Kaufman and his assistant Gabir and tells him he's the next Shagish Chultepi (Devil-Slayer in Arabic). Gabir is the last of the 3 Magis after one was killed by their enemy and the other by Eric Payne. Kaufman dies from serious injuries but leaves his hard drive to Danny and Gabir escorts him to a cave where the required apparatus are hidden.

They find a lot of skeletons of those who died in trying to become Devil-Slayers and Danny wields the legendary Sword of Naram-sin and the and wears Shemagh. As they get out are confronted an army of zombies and Danny succeeds in slashing them all. The Mercenary group called Bloodstone, led by Belathauzer lie to the U.S army base that Danny killed all his soldiers and is now a deserter.

After hearing this he phones Captain Buckler but he doesn't believe him. Suddenly the mercenaries attack their house, Danny escapes but Gabir sacrifices himself by blowing the house with Bloodstone and himself inside. The demons had made a deal with archangel Gabriel to start the Apocalypse soon and to open the gate of Hell were the Garden of Eden was once situated. Danny always thought his uncle came traumatized from Vietnam as his dead mother told him. He steals a taxi and stalks Bloodstone and Gabriel at the Garden of Eden but is discovered by a flying demon. In a fight he kicks their Belathauzer's balls causing him to turn in his original look. But luckily Danny slays him with Gabriel too and closes the portal of Hell.

The other demons go away. He again tries to convince the army that he was innocent but without success. He checks out Isaac's hard drive to find out that a Romanian businessman is a vampire, the Anti-Christ is an American and that Roxxon is full of hellish creatures. With nothing left in his life he starts to travel and slay all supernatural creatures as Shagish Chultepi.

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