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Moses Fisk went to work for a mercenary group run by the immoral Drago who gave him the codename Blackjak. To increase profits, Drago would lease his mercenaries to opposing sides in the same conflict. Thus Blackjak was responsible for the killing of a fellow mercenary named Dalia. In reenge, Dalia's friend Dart shot Blackjak's left eye out. Howeer, the two quickly reconciled their differences and used their expertise and knowledge to kill Drago and set up their own freelance operation.

Things went well until their ship's drive broke down in low orbit around a binary star. Blackjak went outside the ship to effect repairs, but the drive suddenly kicked in, leaving him to tumble into the star. Blackjak was presumed dead, but he was actually saved by the Dark Destroyer, who then placed an organic implant of his own esssence into blackjak's brain so that he could control him through pain and fear.

The Destroyer forced Blackjak to betray Dart and the newly formed Atari Force. But once the Destroyer was defeated by his own machinations, the Tazlings removed the brain implant, allowing Blackjak the chance to redeem himself by piloting the Force's return to New Earth.

Blackjak remained with his lover, Dart and the rest of the Atari Force.

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