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(copy paste from the GR forums, since they dont get nearly as many views as this one does)

another Marvel event (dont kill me!)

basic concept/theme: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.

They are doing a Punisher vs Avengers event. Why wont they put Ghost Rider into an event like this? It would be easy to fabricate the scenario. How man innocents have been injured in the fights between these super-powered heroes? I'm sure everyone here can think of something in the past to push the GR into a major conflict. The fights themselves would be much more plausible than most of what they have been coming up with lately. It would also give GR some major screen/page time, giving some readers a chance to get to know the character.

Am I the only one who wants to see this? At least more than their new "War" event?

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No, you are not the only one who wants to see this, I would spend many a dollar to send this (if it were made) to New Zealand.

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