Character » Zzutak appears in 31 issues.

    Created by magical paints, Zzutak was a construct of comic artist Frank Johnson.

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    Brief History

    After the Spanish Conquest of the New World, a lone tribe of Aztecs fled and hid themselves away successfully. They developed a set of magical paints that when used, it made whatever was painted real.

    Frank Johnson, a comic artist was gifted the paints by the lost tribe. In return he travelled to Mexico and, on the wall of an ancient temple, painted the being that would be known as Zzutak. It was to be used by the tribe to conquer the world, now that a talented artist had imagined such a beast, the tribe would be armed with an army of such creatures to be manufactured by their paints! Realizing that this was their evil scheme all along, Johnson painted another monster and the two battled, destroying both.


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