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    A scientist native of the planet Gil'dishpan. He was expelled from his planet due to his unethical experiments on other species. He joined the Legion of Super-Villains to take control of the planet Orando.

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    A member of the long-lived and technologically sophisticated race whose unpronounceable name is generally translated into Interlac as Gil'dispan, Zymyr dissented from the official policy of gentle co-existence with sentient beings of races unsuitable for survival on the high-pressure worlds Gil'dispan dwelt on. Zymyr believed that such lesser creatures were suitable for the amusement of his fellow master beings, and committed what were decreed to be crimes in experimenting on humans.

    As a result, Zymyr was expelled from the company of his fellow beings. He took comfort in continuing his experiments with the equipment he had been permitted to bring with him. At some point, Zymyr was recruited into the company of the Legion of Super-Villains, who wanted the use of his teleporting power.

    Major Story Arcs

    Zymyr was instrumental in the Legion of Super-Villain's invasion of Orando, but Zymyr fled the battle once the Legion of Superheroes started taking control. Later Zymyr aided Universo in his failed bid for conquest.

    Zymyr was one of the villains freed from prison planet Takron-Galtos by Superman-Prime and joined the newest incarnation of Legion of Super-Villains. Later he was seen during their attack on Metropolis. He was taken out of the fight when Superman-Prime accidentally shattered his life bubble while he was poisoned by Earth-Prime Kryptonite.

    He later joined Saturn Queen's latest lineup of the Legion of Super-Villains.

    Powers & Abilities

    As a member of the Gil'dishpan, Zymyr is an aquatic alien who breathes a methane atmosphere, and he possesses telepathy, which allows him to communicate with other beings, as well as attempt to read their minds. Zymyr also possesses the extraordinary ability to create warps in space that allow instantaneous transportation across interstellar and even inter-dimensional distances. His protective bubble provides him with breathable atmosphere and allows him thereby to survive in any environment, even outer space.

    Zymyr is also a brilliant, albeit immoral, scientist who is highly skilled in Gil'dishpan sciences.


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