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Zvilpogghua was spawned on a distant star called Yaksh eons before the rise of humanity and became part of the Great Old Ones. Zvilpogghua would roam the universe and inhabit various stars and planets as it saw fit - one being the planet Yrautrom, which orbited the star Algol. At various points in history Zvilpogghua would manifest on Earth to feast on humans, but he was eventually sealed into the N-Zone by Atlantis's ancestors millions of years ago. The Native Americans referred to Zvilpogghua as Ossadagowah, and he often chose to appear as a large toad with huge fangs, numerous eyes, and having a head covered by multiple tentacles.


  • Tsathoggua (Father)
  • Shathak (Mother)
  • Sfatlicllp (Daughter)
  • Knygathan Zhaum (Grandson)

Major Story Arcs

During the time The Fantastic Four was traveling the N-Zone, Zvilpogghua had been watching them from afar. Deciding that Human Torch was the most powerful of the team, the Great Old One decided to force itself into Johnny Storm's body. The Human Torch started to feel immense pain from the parasitic Zvilpogghua growing inside him and he along with the other members of the Fantastic Four went to Latveria to get assistance from Doctor Doom.

Doom decided to help Human Torch after identifying the nature of Zvilpogghua, but only under the condition that he secretly switch minds with Reed Richards. After taking over Richards' body, Doom traveled with the rest of the Fantastic Four to save Human Torch (as well as defeat the Frightful Four). Using an ancient spell from Atlantis, Doom tried to exorcise Zvilpogghua back to the N-Zone. However, he unintentionally misspoke the incantation and it trapped Zvilpogghua in the physical plane. Zvilpogghua needed a human host and finding Doctor Doom to be the most powerful, entered his body. With Doom's body Zvilpogghua entered the Baxter Building where the Frightful Four had taken control and destroyed them all. Reed Richards and Doctor Doom switched their minds back to normal and Doom decided to go to Earth-2149 in order to let him out in the Zombie Dimension.

Powers and Abilities

Zvilpogghua's true form cannot be comprehended by the human mind as it does not comply to the laws of physics in the earthly realms. As such, Zvilpogghua usually needs a host body in order to exist in physical planes of existence while consuming. Zvilpogghua can force itself into an unwilling host and feed on them from the inside. After enough time within the host body, Zvilpogghua would reach adulthood and be powerful enough to quickly consume entire planets with the host. Zvilpogghua can fly at high speeds and determine the level of power other beings possess. It is unknown what the full extent of Zvilpogghua's powers are as it was mainly seen in a host body. However, due to being a Great Old One, Zvilpogghua is immortal and does not follow the laws of science.


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