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    Wakandian Warrior, formerly a close friend to King T'Chaka. A trusted aid and member of T'Challa's inner circle.

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    Zuri is a Wakandan warrior who at least over 50. He is also a loyal companion to King T'Chaka. He served him as an adviser and a bodyguard. He served T'Challa as a warrior and special attendant. He considered Photon a "Sun Goddess" and felt that T'Challa should have married her instead of Storm.

    In Dark Reign, Zuri attempts to help Shuri become the next Black Panther, by giving her instructions on how to approach the Panther God. But after Shuri fails, he reminds her that she is still alive, and that people who get rejected by the Panther God do not return. With Morlun coming to devour T'Challa, Shuri decides to take up the mantle anyway, and tells W'Kabi and Zuri to guard the chamber doors. However, Morlun proves to be far too powerful, and kills the two warriors with relative ease.


    Zuri usually carries the spear of Bashenga with him at all times. The spear is a symbol of the Panther's tribal authority, and typically belongs in the possession of the chieftain of the Panther Clan.


    He is incredibly large and strong, and considered to be a Wakandan war veteran who has fought alongside the previous kings, T'Chaka and S'yan.

    Other Media

    Live Action

    Black Panther (2018)

    Zuri appears in the MCU Black Panther film where he is portrayed by Forest Whitaker.


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