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    The tyrant of Naomi's dimension. Zumbado is a mass murder who received abilities when a crisis occurred on his execution day. Now, he seeks to dominate not only Naomi's birth world, but her adopted world as well.

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    Zumbado is a mass murderer who was sentenced to death for his crimes. On the day of his execution, a crisis occurred granting him god-like abilities. The crisis occurred due to the Earth's ozone layer collapsing after years of human environmental abuse. The ozone layer's destruction caused previously undiscovered radiation to leak onto the Earth's surface. While no one was killed by the radiation, twenty-nine random individuals were given god-like abilities. These individuals waged war against each other, further destroying their world. Zumbado would come out on top, ultimately conquering half the world.

    Meeting with Naomi:

    Soon after Naomi awakens her own abilities, Zumbado is alerted to her presence and comes to her. Zumbado passes himself off as a friend of her parents, but Naomi was already aware of his true identity and history. He is ultimately sent back to his Earth soon after arriving on Earth 0.


    • Dimensional Travel
    • Energy Projection
    • Flight
    • Invulnerability
    • Superstrength

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