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    A DC Comics digital division, closed down in July 2010.

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    Zuda Comics is the original webcomics imprint of DC Comics.

    Webcomic creators used to submit original comic concepts through the website. Selected webcomics were then organized into monthly competitions by the Zuda editorial staff. Initial, 8-page submissions were presented so that the Zuda community could read, discuss and vote on them. Each month, the creators of the winning comic were awarded 60-page contracts so that they could continue their comic on the site as a regular, ongoing series.

    In addition to the user-selected competition winners, the Zuda Comics editors could also select "Instant Winners" - webcomics that skipped the competition process and joined the competition winners on site as an ongoing webcomics series.

    A popular series could be renewed for subsequent seasons of 60 pages at the discretion of the Zuda editor. A few of the most successful series were also published in print form.

    The monthly competitions were halted in April 2010, and Publishers Weekly quoted editorial director Ron Perazza as citing “accusations of cheating, confusion about the process, spamming in the name of promotion and argumentative, dismissive or even aggressive behavior.” It was announced the DC publishers were looking to expand the digital comics side of the business.

    In July 2010, DC closed the Zuda imprint. The Zuda website was shut down on 1st July, and Perazza posted the official notice of Zuda's closure on the Zuda blog (original blog site no longer available). DC immediately began releasing collected digital editions of selected Zuda titles through ComiXology (via the website and through its iPhone/iPad app), and a number of the titles were able to complete their final seasons.


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