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    Zuckuss is a Gand bounty hunter and the partner of 4-LOM. He is attuned to the Force and uses visions called intuitions he sees in meditation to hunt down fugitives.

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    Hunters and marks alike called him "the Uncanny One". Zuckuss left the ammonia mists of his homeworld to seek out employment as a bounty hunter. His family boasted a three-century heritage as a Gand findsmen trackers who use religious rituals to locate their quarry amid the planet's swirling fog. Zuckuss was among the first to practice the trade offworld.

    He met with immediate success. The arcane primitivism of the findsman rituals uncovered the whereabouts of hidden targets and even offered glimpses into the future. Zuckuss soon came to the attention of the Hutts, and before long has his pick of jobs from Jabba, Embra, and others representatives of the clans.

    As a Gand Zuckuss is part of a space faring though normally xenophobic race, Zuckuss overcame his species fear of off world travel to become one of the galaxies most renown bounty hunters, along the way he met 4-LOM a protocol droid who reprogrammed himself to become a bounty hunter. The pair functioned well together, but as Zuckuss witnessed the plight of the Rebellion he grew sympathetic, and began taking odd jobs for the Alliance for free. After the Empire fell Zuckuss briefly explored his natural force talents with Luke's New Jedi Order. But after much soul searching Zuckuss chose to return to his people to train the next generation of Gand in the Findsman art, and return his people to the stars.


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