Character » Zsaji appears in 44 issues.

    A healing woman from an alien race in Secret Wars. She has a short-lived love affair with the Human Torch, then a deeper affair with Colossus, as well as a side-fling with Deadpool.

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    In Secret Wars, the Beyonder transported Zsaji's village along with many more pieces of different planets to form Battleworld. The Heroes team regroups in her village, and she magically heals the Human Torch. She uses magical smoke to cross their language barrier and connects with Johnny's mind. In this way she can understand the events leading the heroes to this place, and the two fall into a strong infatuation with each other. Zsaji revives the Wasp who was very near death, but uses most of her strength to do so. When Galactus' threat distracts the heroes, Johnny completely neglects Zsaji.

    In the meantime, Zsaji has healed Colossus, and he fell deeply in love with her. For a while, he respectfully keeps his distance out of respect to Johnny, but soon he finds himself romancing her. He leaves her to participate in a vote among the heroes determining their action towards the newly omnipotent Doctor Doom. The heroes decide to make a move against Doom and are instantly obliterated by a bolt from out of the blue. Zsaji finds the lifeless Colossus and sacrifices her own life to resurrect him. His regained life is the first step in reviving the entire dead team of heroes. She is buried on Battleworld, and Colossus reluctantly agrees to return to earth.

    It is later revealed that just prior to leaving Battleworld, Deadpool had wished for Zsaji's resurrection, which resulted in her being returned to her home planet, alive and well.


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