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    Volume » Published by Eclipse. Started in 1984.

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    Plot Summary

    Zot! is about a young girl, Jenny, who finds and befriends a superhero named Zachary T. Paleozogt (or Zot for short) from an alternate dimension.

    Chronology of Zot!

    In the full-color series of Zot!, Jenny and Zot fight supervillains from Zot's world as he attempts to spread peace and tranquility throughout his nearly utopian world. They fight Ignatius Rumboult, an industrialist scientist who hails from another planet in Zot's dimension who despises the sleek technology of Zot's world; Zybox, a massive, highly advanced super-computer intelligence; The Blotch, an intergalactic gangster made up of some form of purple viscous liquid; Dekko, an insane man's mind in an android body; and J9AC9K or 9-Jack-9, an artificial assassin capable of travelling in, living in, and taking control of technology and electricity for his own purposes.

    Earth Stories

    The remaining issues deal with Zot and Jenny, as well as Jenny's friends, as they are trapped on Jenny's world with seemingly no way to go back to Zot's utopian paradise Earth.

    The issues explore the characters individually, including Zot and Jenny talking about sex (nominated for an Eisner), Ronnie's girlfriend troubles with Brandy, and Jenny's friend Terry dealing with the stigma against her lesbianism. They culminate in Zot's uncle Max finding a way back to Jenny's Earth, and the group all travel, albeit temporarily, to Zot's world, for a vacation in his utopian universe.

    Zot! is written and drawn, with the exception of issues #19 and #20, by Scott McCloud.


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