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    Earth's most famous hero in a future time when all of mankind's dreams have come true. Zot has faith in the worth of all people. Created by Scott McCloud.

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    Early Years

    On an alternate earth, Zach lives with his father, mother and housekeeper robot, Peabody.  One day, his parents leave and never return.  Zach remains at home with Peabody, but spends a lot of time visiting his Uncle Max.  Feeling worthless because of the way he has been abandoned, Zach throws himself into reading, athletics and guns becoming a world-class marksman by the age of nine.  After beating a police officer to the punch when a flying machine comes crashing toward a crowded walkway, Zach decides to become a full-time hero. 
    Uncle Max, a scientist, designs his boot-jets and other gadgets, while Zach sews his own costume.  Years later, when the key to a door at the edge of the universe is stolen by a man from an alternate earth, the High Priest of Sirius IV dispatches killer robots to get it back.  The struggle soon spreads to the home of the now 13 year-old Zot. Zot uses his uncle's gadgets to stop the chaos, and eventually the situation is resolved.

    Alternate Earth

     Zot's uncle Max later discovered an alternate Earth to theirs ("our" Earth), where Zot met Jenny Weaver, a teenager disillusioned with her world and life. Jenny and Zot ended up dating, although Jenny would always deny that Zot was her boyfriend. Jenny would also continuously ask Zot if she could move and live in his world, but he would always say no, as he wanted her to see that her world wasn't as bad as she thought. During an early adventure of Jenny's on Zot's Earth, her brother Butch was turned into a monkey, and would do so whenever he was on Zot's Earth.
    Shortly after he met Jenny, Zot also started to fight supervillains in his world. Some of his toughest foes were 9-Jack-9, a virtual assassin, Dekko, an artist who had been turned into a robot, and Zybox, a robot who tried enslaving the population of Jenny's Earth before being hit by a lightning bolt and dying. Zot also became friends with Woody, a friend of Jenny's who had a crush on her. 

    Trapped On Earth

    After a New Years Party on Zot's Earth (which almost all of Zot's rogue gallery ended up gatecrashing), Zot ended up trapped on Jenny's Earth when he closed a portal between the two worlds whilst he was in Jenny's Earth. As a result of this, Zot ended up living with Jenny, inside a box that was larger on the inside than the outside. Zot also found out that crime in Jenny's Earth is harder to find than in his, and was often injured whilst trying to stop it.

    Powers and Abilities

    Zot can fly, though he is otherwise mortal.  Zot is a flip, supremely confident teenager who not only enjoys his work but thrives from the celebrity it brings him. Zot also has used a box that is larger on the inside than the outside as a living place, and some gadgets that make him invisible so as to observe people on Jenny's Earth.


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