Character » Zorr appears in 14 issues.

    A Luphomoid who was a Walord. He was also the alleged father of Nebula

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    "Running from Zorr will do you no good, worm. This world will die just as yours perished!".

    Zorr the Conqueror was one of the few survivors of the Luphomoids race after Galactus destroyed his planet and people to sustain himself. He and a few others escaped the same fate because they were invading another planet at the time. He was responsible for destroying the Xandarians homeworld. Centurion Nova-Prime chased him down to Earth, where he was taking refuge and causing trouble. He was then confronted by the new Nova and began fighting him. During the fight, he was teleported by Centurion Nova-Prime to his ship orbiting Earth. After a final battle, they both die. The ship was left empty in orbit for years with nothing but Zorr's empty costume remaining.

    He was brother to Kraa and rumored to be the father to Nebula.


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