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    Zork is a fictional character in the Yugioh series. Zork is an ancient evil god, created by the suffering of the massacre of Kul-Etna, that was sealed by the pharaoh Atem in a collosal battle in 1000 BC. He tried to revive using a part of his soul: Yami bakura.

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    A part of Zorc's soul was sealed into the Millenium ring( and became Yami Bakura), and he took over Ryo Bakura countless times.

    He once tricked his friends into dueling Bakura where they were the monsters.

    Zorc caused trouble in ancient Egypt and almost took it over if not for the effortd of Atem, Yugi and his friends.. In ancient egypt he was Atem's biggest enemy. . He had went against all holders of the millenuim items and beat them. but Atem used the egyptian gods to defeat him with the power of the creator of light, Horakhy.

    In the english dub, Zorc was incorrectly said to have created the "shadow realm" and to be the root of all evil.


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