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Zordon is a interdimensional being trapped in a time warp by Rita Repulsa. Zordon protects the Rangers and informs the Rangers on several monsters and villains out there. The Rangers become closer to one another forming a close bond with each other and especially Zordon. To some Zordon is a like a father figure.

Keeping a close eye on Rita, Zordon knew that once she had escaped that she would attempt to destroy Earth. As a result Zordon told Alpha to summon five teenagers that are over bearing, overemotional, with an attitude. Zordon choose Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack which would later become the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But it wasn't up until they had won the fight against Rita that they were officially Power Rangers. The Power Rangers had three rules to follow:

  1. They must never tell anybody that they are Power Rangers
  2. Never use your power for personal gain
  3. Never escalate a fight unless Rita forces you to

Rita being determined to destroy Zordon creates a Green Power Ranger. She sends him to destroy the Command Center. Zordon knowing whats about to happen tells Alpha 5 to recharge up until the point the Green Power Ranger comes to the Command Center.

Zordon realized that Rita was using a Ranger to stop the Power Rangers, but he ended up disconnected from this dimension by the Green Ranger. Alpha 5 and Billy tried various ways to bring Zordon back but every attempt failed. Zordon would try to warn the Rangers about the Green Ranger but he would disappear. When Alpha 5 was finally able to bring back Zordon, Zordon informed the Rangers about the Green Power Ranger and told them in order to return Tommy(green ranger) back to normal they must destroy the Sword of Darkness. Only then will Tommy become good again.

Zordon already knew that he would return Tommy back to good and with an open welcome Zordon lets Tommy join the Power Rangers. Tommy will soon give up his power coin to Jason because he never wants Rita to gain control of the power. This would now make the Rangers a 5 member team again.


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