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    The Zoo Crew are a team of Super powered animals who live on Earth-C. They got their powers from a meteor storm that hit the earth due to Starro the conqueror.

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    Six meteoric fragments set in motion by Starro the Conqueror brought about the origins of the Zoo Crew, Earth-C's very own band of heroes. Seeking the source of a strange plague on his own Earth, Superman broke through the dimensional barrier and came across Roger Rodney Rabbit (Captain Carrot). When Starro abducted Superman, Captain Carrot sought out Pig-Iron in Piggsburgh, Alley-Kat Abra in Mew Orleans, Fastback in Kornsas, and Rubberduck and Yankee Poodle in Follywood. Together they rescued Superman and defeated Starro.

    Captain Carrot decided they had worked so well together that they should form a team, like the "Just'a Lotta Amimals" comic book he wrote in his RRR identity. Everyone agreed apart from Pig-Iron, but once he had fought and overcome Armordillo, he changed his mind and decided he liked the idea.

    At first,the plan was to base the group in Gnu York where Rodney worked. Yankee Poodle and Rubberduck, however, had many commitments in follywood in their other identities of Rova Barkitt and Byrd Rentals. Hence the crew decided to be based in Southern California. With a grant from the United Species of America, they set up headquarters in the Z-building.

    When Chester Cheese's father was murdered and Chester himself gained the power to shrink, he got the Zoo crew to help capture his dad's killer. Later he joined them and the Changeling to defeat Gorilla Grodd. Convinced he was worthy, the others made Little Cheese the 7th zoo crew member.

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    Their comic ran for less than a two dozen issues. They made a couple appearances in titles like Who's Who and the Oz Wonderland War mini-series, but mostly languished in limbo until 2005. Then they appeared in the Teen Titans as a story-within-a-story. This story had Little Cheese dead, apparently killed by one of his teammates, with the rest of the team on the run.

    In the mini-series Captain Carrot and the Final Ark the team spoofs Marvel's Civil War. Much is explained (see the story arc entry), but most of the team end the story stripped of the anthromorphic identities. But these are restored and the team is reunited in Final Crisis.


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