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    Selonian Jedi, the apprentice of Jedi Knight Bariss Offee. Appears solely in web-comics released by Dark Horse at this point.

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    A Selonian from Selonia, Zonder was a force-sensitive being, and was one of several children. He was eventually brought into the Jedi Order, and although he was adept at telekinesis, he was not particularly skilled at lightsaber combat. During the Clone Wars, Zonder was apprenticed to Jed Knight Barriss Offee. Offee, a healer, was sent to Felucia along with her new Padawan to work as a healer to the natives who had been injured in the recent Republic attack on the world. Since Felucia was a Confederate world, Zonder and Offee had to work undercover, posing as relief workers, operating without the help of their lightsabers. While healing one day, the pair spotted Shu Mai, a key figure in the Confederate leadership, and Offee believed that the capture of such a figure would be a great boon to the Republic's cause. As the pair secretly attempted to contact the Jedi Council on Coruscant, they were set upon by a detachment of enemy battle droids.

    Departing their hut swiftly, Zonder urged his master to stay where she was. Evading the enemy blaster fire, he dropped a slab of stone on the B1 battle droids, to the delight of Offee. The pair then began their dash to the executive landing platform, where there was a transmission facility. Along the way, they were confronted by droidekas, prompting the Jedi to split up. Leaping to higher ground, Zonder was soon faced with Hunter-Seeker droids, which he promptly destroyed. The resulting explosion, however, threatened to kill two nearby Gossam children, forcing Offee to stop her evasion of the enemy droids and save the innocent bystanders. As a result, she was captured, and urged Zonder to stand down. He complied, and the pair were taken into Confederate custody.

    They were held at the nearby Nigkoe Detention Facility for some time, until a task force led by General Aayla Secura and Commander CC-5052 broke into the facility and freed Offee and Zonder. Helping them was the Padawan Ekria, who, in trying to find the group a way out of Nigkoe, realized that they wouldn't be able to descend from the facility, as there was a considerable staging area for Confederate troops below. Zonder and CC-5052, known as "Bly," concurred in thinking that the best option for their escape would be to ascend the building. Picking up Offee and Ekria, Zonder leapt to the top of Nigkoe, while Bly and Secura rappelled up. Bly then destroyed the facility's shield generator, allowing the 327th Str Corps to descend and pick the group up.

    Offee requested that she and Zonder be able to collect their lightsabers and personal effects from the facility, while Secura revealed that Coruscant had fallen under attack by the Confederacy. Despite the situation, she insisted that they capture Mai before leaving for the capital, hoping to extract any information as to the Confederate plan from the leader of the Commerce Guild. The Jedi made their way to Mai's compound near Kway Teow, and, after eliminating the perimeter guard, were taken towards the compound itself by Bly and his men, who were riding BARC speeders. Along the way, the group was harried by vulture droids, but they were in turn covered by Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighters.

    The speeders did not last for long, and as they were destroyed by the pursuing fighters, the Jedi jumped into a nearby river. The river ran through to a waterfall, at the foot of which was a hidden entrance to the compound. Making their way cautiously through the corridors, Secura put Ekria to work at a nearby terminal. The young Padawan quickly discovered that Mai had in fact already departed Felucia, much to Secura's frustration. After Ekria let Bly and his troops into the facility, she was able to bring up a HoloNet News feed, which reported that the Confederacy had been driven away from Coruscant, due largely to the efforts of Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, whom Zonder greatly admired.

    Immediately afterward, Zonder detected a strange smell, and Bly reported that there were toxins permeating the compound. Ekria's slicing had prompted a count-down sequence for the building's self-destruction, and Secura urged everyone to leave the compound posthaste. There was no door for them to escape through, but the hulking Zonder simply burst through one of the walls, allowing them to reach safety before the ensuing detonation. Many clone troopers died in the explosion, but more disturbing to Secura was the fact that their presence had triggered the release of poisonous biological agents into the planet's entire water supply. According to the group's calculations, within four days all water on the planet would be poisoned, resulting in a potentially massive loss of life.

    Secura believed, however, that the crisis could be averted if they could capture several key water treatment facilities. She contacted Jedi Master Mace Windu, requesting more clones, and he agreed, sending Stass Allie to deliver them. Along with the reinforcements came Padawan Drake Lo'gaan, who was the apprentice of the late Roron Corobb. In the proposed strikes on the treatment plants, Secura sent Zonder, Ekria, and Lo'gaan to the city of Jiaozi, while she and Offee attacked separate locations. They were joined by the clone trooper Galle. While scouting the defenses, Ekria noted that there were sentients guarding Jiaozi's plant, preventing them from simply shooting everything. Zonder suggested biting some of them, but Lo'gaan came up with another idea.

    Zonder bellowed, creating the loudest noise he possibly could, putting the defenders on the offensive. The Padawans then attacked, until Lo'gaan loudly gave Galle the order to retreat. As the clones ran away, the defending troops gave chase, leaving the facility largely unguarded. The few Gossam that did remain were easily intimidated by Zonder, who rounded them up, and had them direct the others to the control room. Ekria then quickly shut down the facility, preventing the toxin from spreading through it. The Selonian couldn't raise Offee or Secura while in the room, however, and so Ekria patched the cameras located in the clone troopers' helmets through the main viewscreen.

    She then detected a priority signal coming through for Commander Bly from Coruscant, but she was not able to decrypt it, initially. Meanwhile, on the clone cameras, the Padawans, to their horror, were met with the sight of Secura being gunned down by her own men. The message was then decrypted, and it revealed that Bly had been given "Order 66," a term that the Padawans were unfamiliar with. Shortly thereafter, they received a transmission from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, urging them to return to the Jedi Temple, as the war was apparently over. Switching to Galle's camera, they found that he was closing in on their position, to Lo'gaan's great concern.

    Zonder, Ekria, and Lo'gaan were able to evade Galle and made their way to Coruscant, now called "Imperial Center." Palpatine had seized power and made himself Emperor, replacing the Republic with a Galactic Empire. In the wake of Order 66, the Jedi had all but been wiped from the face of the galaxy. Nevertheless, the trio managed to eke out an existence on Imperial Center—Zonder in particular was able to hunt in Imperial City's lower levels for food. Meanwhile, Ekria sliced into the Jedi Temple's archives, and erased the Padawans' existence from them. She believed that there were other Jedi who had survived, and that they would return to Imperial Center to liberate the people of the galaxy from Palpatine's Empire. Lo'gaan disagreed, but the group agreed that they would not make any public displays of using the Force, lest they bring down the Imperial authorities upon themselves.

    Lo'gaan decided to venture into the Uscru Entertinment Distrit to cheat, using the Force, at a game of divot, in order to obtain some credits. Zonder observed the game from nearby, in case of trouble. Sure enough, it came, when a Toydarian playing noticed that Lo'gaan was but a child, and he was apprehended by the Nalle triplets. When a disgruntled Jokhalli drew his blaster in an attempt to kill Lo'gaan, Zonder burst forth from his position, freeing his comrade. They departed the room, but were spotted by Imperial stormtroopers, forcing them to flee. As they neared the Outlandr Club, Lo'gaan believed they were safe, until they came across yet another set of stormtroopers. Ekria, however, arrived to liberate them, allowing them to escape. As they did so, however, Lo'gaan utilized the Force to knock back incoming stormtroopers, to Ekria's chagrin.

    At her urging, Zonder and Lo'gaan set out to find legitimate jobs at Employment Center DA4176, which was meant for non-Humans only. Lo'gaan was approached by members of the Sub-Adult Group, who separated him from Zonder, as Lo'gaan was a Human. Alone, the Selonian found a job as a construction worker, helping rebuild Imperial Center following the prior Battle of Coruscant. However, he was to be shipped off-world in several days to the Emerald Splender Estates on Byss, where some benefactors of the Clone Wars were having a "luxury housing emergency." He met up with Lo'gaan and Ekria after claiming his job—Lo'gaan had succeeded in entering the Sub-Adult Group. Ekria was unsure, however, as the Sub-Adult Group was a subdivision of the Commisson for the Preservaion of the New Order, which was dedicated to protecting the Empire against those who opposed it.

    Meanwhile, Ekria had located a new place of residence for the trio, an apartment that was considerably more upscale than their previous hideout. Shortly afterward, Zonder boarded the craft bound for Byss, and shared a room with a Gotal, an Ithorian, and a Gran. Before departing, however, Ekria burst into their room sporting makeshift armor, informing him that the ship was a slave ship. She insisted that they leave, but Zonder would not depart without the other non-Humans aboard the craft. Destroying the astromech droids that were serving drinks, the Selonian announced that he was a Jedi, and that everyone aboard was being unwittingly lured into slavery. His point got through to some of his fellow non-Humans, and they joined him and Ekria in leaving the ship.

    Before they could make it off the craft, however, the group was confronted by three Inquisitors—Halmere, Gwellib Ap-Llewff, and Lanu Pasiq—who each had their blasters drawn. Halmere specifically demanded that Zonder come with them, while Pasiq ordered the other non-Humans back to their cabins. The Selonian responded by biting Halmere's arm, while Pasiq opened fire on Ekria. The Padawan was able to deflect the blast, but the non-Humans were inspired. They attacked the Inquisitors and subdued them, before stormtroopers arrived and opened fire. The group found shelter within the ship and was joined by Lo'gaan. Zonder, however, noticed that the ship's engines were starting up, and Lo'gaan informed them that all the primary exits were guarded. Ekria, figuring out an exit strategy, led them to the ship's cargo bay. There, they found a Bantha-ll cargo skiff, allowing the group to escape. Lo'gaan, however, had other business to attend to, and he returned to the ship. He came back sometime later, and the trio were able to relax back at Ekria's new apartment.

    Following the slave ship incident, Zonder, Lo'gaan, and Ekria became crime fighters in Coruscant's underground, and took on the code names of "Paws," "Spike," and "Blue," respectively. One night, they witnessed the Nashtah Gang accost an Omwati couple, Kodo and Aleema Finn. The trio, donning makeshift costumes, fought off the gang, but Kodo was wounded by a departing adversary. Inspecting the wound, a flesh burn, Zonder had Ekria call for a medic, before the trio departed the scene. Later, while Zonder and Lo'gaan defended a local vendor from a pack of thugs, Ekria informed them over their comlinks that she had discovered that Kodo Finn had been branded with the symbol of crime syndicate Black Sun.

    As Zonder urged the vendor to call the local authorities, Lo'gaan requested the Finns' location from Ekria, so they could warn them of Black Sun's involvement. She provided it, and so Lo'gaan and Zonder began traveling to 662 Gasgor Valley. Making their way up the side of the Finns' building, the two Jedi entered through the window and sat down with the Omwati couple, attempting to determine whether or not they knew if Black Sun had any cause to target them. At that moment, an explosion rocked the room, and the bounty hunter Boushhh entered. Lo'gaan ordered Zonder to take the Finns away and told him that he would meet up with them later.

    Ekria rendezvoused with Zonder and the Finns, and Lo'gaan joined them later, having battled both Boushh and Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne at the apartment. Realizing that Black Sun wanted Kodo dead, Lo'gaan questioned the Finns, and discovered that he had been tinkering with Xizor Transport Company docking assignments for the Tagge Company. The Xizor Transport Company was owned by Prince Xizor, an ambitious Black Sun captain. The Finns decided that they wanted to leave Imperial Center and forge a new life, but Lo'gaan would hear none of it, insisting that they confront Xizor directly. Zonder joined him, and took the Finns along to the Xizor Transport Company headquarters, with Ekria in tow.

    Making their way through the facility, the group battled droidekas and Xizor's bodyguards, before entering the prince's office. There, Xizor himself was waiting for them, initially believing that the Jedi had brought the Finns in to collect the bounty on their heads. Instead, Ekria claimed that the Finns would provide the prince with information of the Tagge docking plans, in exchange for immunity in departing Imperial Center. Another condition was that they would never return to the galactic capital, or Xizor would be free to have them killed. The group were then free to leave, although the prince had placed tracking devices on the Jedi. They discovered the ruse, however, and placed the devices on a trio of rodents. Ekria supposed that they would not be able to live in peace until they faced down Inquisitor Tremayne, but Lo'gaan disagreed, believing that their quest would not be over until they confronted Tremayne's master, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

    Eventually, Zonder was somehow captured by Xizor's agents. Rendered unconscious, the prince transferred custody over him to Inquisitor Tremayne, who began torturing him. The Inquisitor tried to convince the Selonian that his friends were not coming to rescue him, but Zonder, demonstrating his ability with the Force, picked up the nearby Inquisitor Pasiq with telekinesis, and claimed that he was not desperate, merely hungry. At that moment, Lord Vader himself entered the room, having been disturbed by Zonder's earlier screams. The Dark Lord inspected the Selonian's lightsaber and personal communicator, the latter of which he activated, to Tremayne's surprise. With the images from the torture chamber now being transmitted to Lo'gaan and Ekria, Vader had Zonder released from the torture apparatus and gave him his lightsaber.

    Zonder did not fear Vader, but he realized that he would not survive the forthcoming duel with the Dark Lord, due to his sub-par skills with the lightsaber. The two clashed blades, but as Zonder leapt to dodge the Dark Lord's attacks, Vader threw his saber, striking the Selonian in the shoulder. Moving in to attack, Zonder was quickly out-fenced by Vader, who struck him across the midsection, before decapitating the Selonian. Zonder's body was later recovered by Ekria and Lo'gaan, who buried him on Selonia, after they faked their own deaths on Tepasi.


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