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Zona X was born from an idea of Alfredo Castelli as a container format for experimental / fantasy stories not connected to the main Bonelli timeline.
Initially (until issue 10) Martin Mystere plays the host to the "fantastic world" by presenting two complete stories under the guise of "Martin Mystere presents Zona X" - the format itself is reminiscent of the TV series "Outer Limits". Due to the experimental nature of the product and the significant size publication frequency is every 4 months.
From issue 10 a set of miniseries are introduced and frequency is increased to every 2 months. Part of the move was due to faltering sales and the hope to revitalize  the format through regular characters.  From issue 21 publication frequency is further increased to monthly level and it's eventually terminated with issue 45. 
Overall Zona X lasted 7 years from April 1992 to March 1999.


Four miniseries were introduced with issue 10

Magic Patrol

This series is set in the same timeline as Martin Mystere and handles the adventure of the special agents of the base Altrove in charge of handling "mysteries" and "artifacts" that should not see the light of day. After the closure of Zona X the team still appears (occasionally) on the main Martin Mystere series.
Vincenzo Beretta was in charge of Magic Patrol.

La stirpe di Elän

This was the first Bonelli series to dwell into the fantasy world. After the closure of Zona X the series concept was modified and reborn into Jonathan Steele
Federico Memola was in charge for this series.

Robinson Hart

Robison Heart is a student that due to fortuitous circumstances becomes a time traveller.
 The series was born from an idea of Luigi Mignacco.

Legione Stellare

This series follows the classical canons of sci-fi. It is centred around the starship Lutezia and its crew. After the closure of Zona X it will eventually become linked to Jonathan Steele.

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