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    Human-zombie hybrid.

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    Created by Al Ewing and Henry Flint, Zombo appears in his own series in 2000AD.

    Created as a human-zombie hybrid, Zombo crashes with the other survivors on a sentient planet. The planet is desperate to kill everyone who survived the crash. The survivors get onto two rafts, one of which disappears, and the second loses one of the government agents, Agent Yin. His partner, Agent Yang, is overcome with grief, but later also dies, along with the rest of the survivors.

    The only one who does not die is Zombo, who plays a game of cat and mouse with the inhabitants of the planet, a family of inbred hillbillies. Later, a group of 'death junkies' known as the Suicide Boys, come to the planet in the hope that they can film a superb death for their obsession with getting a 5 star rating on Deathtube. As they want to die, the planet sees no reason in killing them, and allows them to leave. As it has not found a way to kill Zombo, the planet allows him to leave as well.


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