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I know that we don’t like changes of concept how do you think Ed Stone rules for zombies. Ed stone is a was a short lived tv series. they never said he was a zombie he could just have been immortal but it has some interesting rules, than again dawn of dead were supoose to be ghouls not zombies. These rules can be edited there a few good ideas I feel that can be added upon zombies. Some of them I feel can changed. I wonder if they would be OK to add on zombies. what your opinion of these rules

The Ed stone zombie rules are:

  1. The feeling of hunger is not in effect since they don’t taste. They have no feeling what so ever
  2. They have no erotic sense. Rule 1 is still into the effect
  3. they have the intelligence and personality intact.
  4. They are unable to sleep meaning no day dreaming or able be take over by illusions.
  5. They are unable to have sex. It is not good outcome if it happens.
  6. They can die by being burned or going under 6 feet. Just like official rules with dealing with the dead.
  7. Grim reaper has full control upon them at any time the grim reaper wishes.
  8. body can move with out the head

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