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After the "Hunger Gospel" (also known as the Zombie virus) ravaged Earth-2149, most of Earth's heroes were turned into zombies. Several of the zombified heroes ate Galactus, destroyed several other zombies, and fled into space.

Merc with a Mouth #1
Merc with a Mouth #1

During this time the zombie-infected Kingpin of crime forged a new criminal empire, with one objective: To spread the "Hunger gospel". Zombie Deadpool was selected and sent to Earth-616. His objective was to cause trouble, which he did easily by feeding on several people, attracting the attention of an Initiative team. He managed to defeat most of the team, but his body was torn to shreds by an industrial-sized fan, which was activated by Jennifer Kale.

Since he was a zombie, the Zombie Deadpool's head still survived. His head was taken to A.R.M.O.R headquarters, where he was interrogated (unsuccessfully). Eventually, Zombie Deadpool was set adrift after the events of Marvel Zombies 4, and is now on his quest to find a body with Earth-616's Deadpool (who was trying to take him back where he came from). After going into an intense encounter with HYDRA and AIM, Deadpool and the head finally found the reality portal which Deadpool head came out of. They then find themselves in different realities with other versions of Deadpool but later return to the regular 616 reality. With the help of Doctor Voodoo, the new Sorcerer Supreme, Headpool and Deadpool finally arrive at the regular zombie universe where they meet a band of human, who appear to be the last living human survivors of the universe. They decide to help the humans by bringing them a zombie test subject by putting Zombie Deadpool's head on top Deadpool's head (while Deadpool's head is tucked in his suit). They succeeded but their victory is short lived when the zombies found the human group hideout and they escaped with the only cure for the zombie virus. Headpool was then kidnapped by two AIM agents leaving the rest of the group behind. Headpool then makes them go back to the group by biting one of the agent's finger off. They then trick the AIM agents by offering a "fake cure" leading towards the AIM agents turn into zombies and kicked out of the helicopter. After a crash and a fight with more zombies in a swamp. Headpool got a replacement body but got "the hunger" again and goes through a portal Brother Voodoo set up only to end up going through the giant fan again and appearing a boat sailing around again.

Prelude to Deadpool Corps

While on a boat in the middle of the ocean a couple of pirates find Headpool and take them on their ship. One of the pirates thought Headpool was the ghost of Deadpool (back when Deadpool was a pirate). So they took Headpool to goat skull island where this mad scientist/hunter wanted to use Headpool for some evil experiments. But when Earth 616 Deadpool came on the island the evil scientist and the pirates left to try to kill him leaving Headpool with the pirate who thinks Headpool is a ghost. So Headpool scared and threatened the pirate so the pirate would put the flying beanie on Headpool. After Deadpool was done having sex with the mad scientist's daughter Headpool reunited with Deadpool and teleported to Deadpools apartment.

Powers and Abilities

When Headpool had a body, he had the similar abilities as his 616 counterpart except he lost his healing factor because he's a zombie. Even as a head, he still acts like his 616 counterpart by being wise cracking and a strategist. Also due to having the zombie plague, Headpool can turn anyone into a zombie with just one bite. And his only way of moving is with a hat with a propeller that he can control with his mind.

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