Character » Zom appears in 27 issues.

    Zom has mystical power greater than even Umar and Dormammu. Using these powers he destroys everything around him. His long lock of hair acts as a mystic shield.

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    Zom's creator is a mystery but it is known that he was created only to destroy. After his creation he rampaged until a powerful magic user fitted him with The Crown of Blindness and The Manacles of Living Bondage and trapped him in a jar. Eons later, Dr. Strange was confronted by Umar and the only way to defeat her was to release Zom and use his power against Umar. This worked but Strange then needed the help of The Living Tribunal to destroy Zom. A tiny fragment of Zom was freed during Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #20, but was later recaptured in the Jar and is under Strange's watchful eye.

    Marjor Story Arcs

    World War Hulk

    During World War Hulk, Dr. Strange called upon Zom after having his hands smashed by Hulk. Dr. Strange accomplished this feat and was taken control of by the entity who ultimately ended up being defeated by The Hulk and was exorcised from Strange's body by Hiroim.

    The Chaos War

    During The Chaos War, Zom returned as a thrall of The Chaos King and was given control of Doctor Strange's body once again with help from his new Master. The Chaos King gives Zom and the Abomination the mission to find Marlo Jones, and get a spark of Death out of her. To do this Zom uses Strange's body to lure the Hulks to earth and tricks A-bomb into reveling where Marlo is hiding.

    Together, Zom and The Abomination attacked the bewildered Hulk and his allies and then flew away on the backs of demons to Marlo's current location. Zom and The Abomination were later seen descending from the sky, ruining a tender moment between Betty Ross and the newly resurrected Glenn Talbot.

    A fierce battle broke out between the group, who had now added Jarella, Talbot, Hiroim, Doc Samson and countless undead soldiers from various time periods equipped with Ion Cannons to the fold, and Zom found himself fighting Skaar and Hiroim who, together, managed to take Zom down using The Old Power.

    That is until The Abomination summoned another trump card, in the form of Brian Banner wielding the power of The Devil Hulk, to aid them in their struggle. Zom later managed to subdue his opponents and get his hands on Marlo and forced her to unleash Death, whose power Marlo used to kill Zom and The Abomination.


    Zom is one of the most formidable entities in existence, referred to be worse than a dozen of Umars and being able to easily make the later helpless against him. Also, it took the combine efforts of both Dormammu and Eternity to defeat him, but in the end his hands were chained by Links of Living Bondage and he started using the Crown of Blindness.

    His power was so great that even galaxies would peril to him and the same would easily shatter worlds. Zom took the attention of the Living Tribunal, but greatly feared him too.

    His head was adorned by a long tuft o hair, like a topknot, which apparently acted as a perception shield, masking his presence from other sorcerers.


    • Height: 20'
    • Weight: 9 tons
    • Eyes: Yellow
    • Hair: Brown

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