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Diana & Zola
Diana & Zola

Zola is a small short-haired blond from Virginia who was attacked at her home by Hera's creations before Hermes brought her a key that transported her to Wonder Woman's apartment in London. Along with Wonder Woman they returned to Zola's home where Diana chased off Hera's monsters. Zola learned from an injured Hermes that she is pregnant with Zeus child, and for her safety she was taken by Wonder Woman along with Hermes to Paradise Island. While there Hermes tells Zola of the well known version of Diana's origins before asking what shape Zeus took to woo Zola herself, something Zola doesnt remember, since she's had a number of partners, including a pool hustler, truck driver and some guy that was in a band, explaining that she 'likes men'.

Later on Zola tries to get in between a growing argument between Diana, Strife and Hermes by reciting song lyrics, which does break them all up in favour of staring at her weirdly, getting her to pipe down again.

Zola gives birth to Zeke who, as it turns out, is Zeus himself. He somehow used his magic to impregnate Zola with himself to break the curse in which the First Born son would Kill Zeus.

In the final battle between the Amazons, Hera, Orion, and the Male Amazons vs the forces of the First Born, Zeus uses his magic to open a hole back into the center of the earth which Wonder Woman uses to push First Born back into.


Zola was created by Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang.

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