Character » Zokag appears in 2 issues.

    A member of the crime council of Meta, who fought against Shade the Changing Man. Once.

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    Zokags history

    Nothing has been told to us, of the life he had, before the battle with Shade. This is all we know.

    Zokag was part of Crime council. When many of its members were transported to the zero-zone (which is a zone that exists between Meta and Earth), Zokag was the second one to get out of there, to Earth. He decided to qonquer Earth, and started to wreak havoc.

    But, unfortunately for him, Shade was nearby. Shade and Zokag battled against eachother, and the battle resulted as Zokags death. His body was transported back to Meta.


    He was created by Steve Ditko. His dialogue was written by Michael Fleisher.

    Powers and weapons

    Zokag had a body of an athlete, which means that he was in great shape.

    He had a staff (called the Em-rod) which could alter matter, make Zokag levitate and radiate energy.


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