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    Zok is a space dragon. He has eyes like a cat and a stance like a kangaroo or a wallaby, and is able to fire beams of pure energy from his eyes and tail.

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    Zok is a space dragon and member of the Herculoids. The Herculoids was a popular animated Saturday morning television series in the 1960s; though its plots were formulaic and uncomplicated, the series more than made up for it with charm, verve, and creativity!

    The Herculoids is a team of three humans and of five pulp space opera animals each with intelligence at about the level of a 10 year old, all of them residing on the faraway planet Amzot (renamed Quasar for unknown reasons when the series was brought back a decade and a half later).

    Approximately three times the size of an adult human from shoulder to haunch and twice that from tip of nose to tip of tail, Zok is a space opera version of a dragon. Instead of breathing fire from his mouth, he projects variation ray beams from his eyes, often augmented by his tail somehow channeling the same energy. The most common ray beam is a concussion force that often provokes explosions in its targets, but other rays have included an energy neutralization beam, a counter-gravitic beam, and a beam that serves to heat up liquid or turn stone to lava.

    In addition to this, Zok has the ability to fly through outer space and to provide full life support to whoever rides him through the void.

    Zok's leader is the human King Zandor; however, he seems most fond of the human queen, Tara, sometimes seen curled up with her while they sleep.


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