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    Zoe is a student at Morning Glory Academy. Zoe is not her real name however. She fills the stereotypical role of the mean girl, but as the story progresses her personality is gradually peeled back revealing a much deeper character.

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    Zoe was originally adopted from Mumbai, India. She was the daughter of a prostitute whom her father killed which she bared witness to. She had shown signs of precognition from a young age. In addition, she possessed the remarkable ability to speak in a language she had yet to hear. She even seemed to know Abraham despite the two never having met prior. Years later Zoe seemed to have integrated into her new life almost seamlessly, growing popular, possessing phenomenal grades, and even adopting a very different personality.

    Character Creation

    Zoe was created by Nick Spenser and Joe Eisma

    Character Evolution

    Zoe is introduced as a superficial teenage girl who is obsessed with beauty, boys, and social status. She is also quite manipulative demonstrated when she dated three boys simalteanously just so she could receive gifts from them and even planned to do the same once she arrived at Morning Glories Academy. This is coupled with a marked mean streak as she is brutally blunt in her observations and feelings which most often comes at the expense of her fellow Morning Glory, Hunter. Another interesting quality she possesses is her capacity for murder.

    Zoe has the ability to coldly murder those who, she feels, have slighted her or as a way to preserve her way of life without showing any signs of remorse although she uttered apology before trying to harm her fourth would be victim. She has three confirmed killings, though the first was accidental and the second is implied, and even attempted to kill a fourth. All these negative personality traits may be related to the murder of her mother, which she witnessed at a young age.

    In contrast Zoe has shown the willingness to help others albeit in her usual sarcastic fashion and she usually states she has ulterior motives for doing so. For example, she is responsible for saving Jade from their insane roommate Pamela, but tells Casey she might have done it only because she was cranky when woken up. She also saved Hunter's life when she seemingly gained nothing from it though she attempted to kill him later. In a nutshell, Zoe has shown a complex and intricate personality buried under a shell of apathy and obnoxiousness.

    Major Story Arcs

    Before the Academy

    One day after cheerleading practice she came upon her friend seemingly being raped by their English teacher, Kenneth Hammond. Zoe reacted by bashing Hammond over the head which seemingly killed him. Her classmate, Sarah, revealed that they were only playing a sex game wherein she pretended to be raped. After hearing this Zoe elects to get rid of the body in the schools incinerator. After this the two swear to never speak of the incident again though Sarah is reluctant.

    Not long after, word of Hammond's disappearance leads to gossip around the school. Zoe is able to remain calm in the face of this development, but she sees Sarah disturbed by the rumors spread by the other students. She follows Sarah into the bathroom one day and berates her for her weakness and tells her to keep it together less their lives be forever ruined. Unfortunately, the situation doesn't improve with the news hosting a segment on the disappearance of the teacher. Later, Sarah calls Zoe out to the docks to discuss her course of action.

    She reveals that she plans to confess...everything. This predictably disturbs Zoe who tries to dissuade Sarah giving up. Sarah tries to explain that Zoe will get off because she (Sarah) was the one that had sex with him, butt Zoe counters by screaming, "You think I don't know that, you f*$#ing idiot!". She reveals that she thought of not assisting Sarah, but did so anyway for reasons she herself doesn't even know. She then reveals that she also thinks about how much better her life would be if Sarah "wasn't around".

    After that night, Zoe is called to the police station to be questioned about "the victim". Flash forward and Zoe is dressed in a black dress for a funeral. Her adoptive mother asks if she can cope with this and Zoe answers, "I'm fine." It is revealed that Zoe is attending the funeral of her former friend Sarah. Although, no clear answer is given it is heavily implied that Zoe killed her to prevent her from confessing.

    In the Academy

    Zoe comes across as a shallow flirt at the beginning of the series, but starts to show that she cares about her friends and is not completely independent as she would like to think as the story progresses. Zoe apparently also has a connection with David, the ghost that haunts the school but the relationship of the connection is unknown at the current time. She is responsible for the accidental murder of one her high school teacher after she believed that he was raping her friend. This was no the fact since the teacher and her friend were just fooling around. The girls disposed of the body and ever since Zoe seems to be connected other peoples' death


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