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Background Information

Zoë was a Brown Coat (rank of Corporal) who fought for the Independence in the Unification War against the Alliance, alongside Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds. Mal later became Captain aboard Serenity, and Zoë is second in command. It has been mentioned that if something were to happen to Mal, she would then inherit Serenity.    

She was married to Hoban Washburne, who was the pilot of Serenity. At first she was put off by Wash, which may have had something to do with his moustache, but shortly after he joined the crew of Serenity they were wed.   Wash could sometimes be jealous of her close relationship with the Captain, and disliked the fact that she calls Mal “Sir”. They had a very strong, passionate marriage, even though they were complete opposites,  and since Zoë was more aggressive than Wash, so she tended to take on the male oriented roles of the relationship. The happy couple even thought about having children but when Wash was killed by a Reaver harpoon, any dreams of having a family together vanished.  
One-shot comic book, Serenity : Float Out revealed that Zoe is pregnant with Wash's daughter.
Pregnant Zoe
Pregnant Zoe

Zoë is attractive, a skilled fighter, extremely strong willed, sensible and is capable of handling stressful situations calmly.  Her favourite weapon to use is a Mare’s Leg, which is a custom Winchester 1892 rifle.   She is referred to as a “Warrior Woman” by her husband Wash.  
Zoë Washburne
was portrayed by Gina Torres in the TV series “Firefly” and in the motion picture Serenity.    

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