Zoe Mann

    Character » Zoe Mann appears in 52 issues.

    Little girl whose body was inhabited by the demon Malus.

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    Zoe Mann was born in 1955. When she was 10 years old, she came down with a virus that put her in the hospital. She died there and was clinically dead for 45 minutes. Upon waking up, Zoe discovered that she saw the world differently, that people looked like monsters in borrowed skins. Zoe became terrified and as soon as she recovered, she killed her parents and ran away.

    She later discovered that her body had become inhabited by the demon Malus. As a result, Zoe doesn't age. The demon makes her kill, slowly taking revenge for the burning of the witch Lilith in the 18th century. So far, Zoe has been made to kill her parents, her foster sister Lindy Ball and a man named Noah.

    Lilith had explained to Zoe that her body was inhabited by Malus, who inhabited the body of a child, making it kill and then making sure the child would die, so it could run free and possess another child. Upon hearing this, Zoe granted Lilith a chance to spreak to Malus. Unknown to Lilith, Zoe had also stabbed herself, wanting to kill herself, unable to live with Malus inside her anymore.


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