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Little is known about this character as of early summer 2007. The Black Summer series is just beginning.

Zoe Jump is a member of Seven Guns, The, a unique group of intellects that have talents with science who engineered special implants for themselves to become enhanced superbeings.

A little bit of Zoe's origin appears in issue no.1. She explains the concept of a Millis Bias Field to Tom Noir. In the flashback, she requests his assistance in projecting an image for her to help her brain solve the calculations to make a Millis Bias Field. If successful, it would make her fast; from a quantum perspective, perhaps faster than the speed of light.

Zoe's goggles are presumably the method by which she projects her mathematical formula onto her eyes, thus "closing the mathematical circuit" and activating her localized Millis Bias Field. This method of field projection was mentioned in issue two in the flashback scene, where she mentions the formula being projected onto her eyes by an onboard computer.

It can also be assumed that her goggles allow her to see normally, or enhance her vision, as faster-than-light travel is likely to mess with ones perceptions.

It appears that the projection of the formula onto Zoe's eyes, or prolonged use of the field, has had adverse effects on her; Her eyes are surrounded by black, tattoo-like concentric loops around her eyes, almost like an optical illusion. It has also resulted in the loss of her pupils.


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