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    Character » Zoe Culloden appears in 102 issues.

    Member of Landau, Luckman, and Lake.

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    Origin History

    Zoe Culloden was an orphan  rescued from a horrible orphanage in Bucharest by Mr. Chang an employee of Landau, Luckman and Lake a mysterious firm in diverse interest extending to various realities. She considered Mr. Chang her Mentor and wish to find out he died in Mandripoor, seeking answers she followed Wolverine to Scotland believing he may have been responsible for her mentor's death.
    She managed to locate Wolverine at a bank in Scotland preventing Wolverine from drawing funds from his accounts using her connection with Scotland's Ministry  as a Consultant.  In order for Logan to access his accounts he needed to verify his identity and allow Zoe Culloden to scan him. Although, she was able to confirm Logan's identity she was surprised that Logan no longer possessed his adamantium skeleton.
    Leading Wolverine into a private LL&L office she attacked Wolverine hoping to not only avenge Mr. Chang's death but get answers from Wolverine. Logan not in the mood to fight her parried her attacks with the Yashida family sword kicking her, sending her flying into a wall and throwing the sword next to her head. Logan angrily told her that he did not kill old man Chang and to run a spectrographic analysis  of the blood on the sword.
    While she analyzed the sword, Logan was attacked by Cyber who had tracked Logan to Scotland and began fighting taking the fight downstairs inside the main room the Bank. Zoe Culloden too busy to help Wolverine while studying the sword finally came to the conclusion that the Blood on the sword had come from some sort of living vampire, finally deciding to help Wolverine fight Cyber she dropped a giant file cabinet from atop the stairs onto Cyber while he was distracted.
    Running to Logan's aid after having his bone claws broken she asked Wolverine if he had killed the vampire, finally able to confirm why Mr. Chang's autopsy report had stated that his body was missing all its blood. She managed to dragged  Wolverine to her Vehicle to escape the scene of the battle before the police could arrive all the while asking questions. Logan being in pain from his claws being snapped off and still missing his healing factor asked Zoe Culloden to take him to Muir Island before passing out. 
    Zoe Culloden stuck alongside Wolverine taking him to Muir Island and hoping for more information on the death of her mentor and even helping Wolverine fight Cyber alongside Wolverine's fellow teammates, Kitty Pride, Nightwcrawler while Wolverine underwent a complete system flush to clean his blood of the poisons and toxins introduced into him by Cyber in their fight which was slowly killing him and driving him mad.


    Zoe Culloden appears to be a normal human who is physically fit and possesses moderate knowledge of combat and weapon's handling most notably a sword.  Due to her employment with LL&L she is charged with maintaining and protecting the interest of the Firm even if it means safeguarding or endangering realities by allowing certain events to take place or helping change certain  timelines.
    Her one innate talent is her ability to adapt her speech and inflection, changing her voice pattern and accent to match her environment, a talent nurtured by Mr. Chang in the Company. A handy talent to have when she is employed for a firm with Geographically scattered interest.
     As an employee of LL&L she possesses a myriad of advance future, alien and alternate dimensional technology. Her standard technology is a technological wrist band and wrap around goggles. Her wrist bands are an advance scanner able to scan an individual down to the cellular and molecular level, It is also able to transport individuals into a surreal realites through an energy blast. notable character she used this on is Juggernaut  sending him to a completely different universe to prevent him from intervening with certain events on a global scale and allowing certain traumatic events to Marvel to take place.
    She also possesses aura-cloaking dampers, infrared shields and psi suppressors making her invisible to humans, electronic sensors and psi talents. she uses this technology for prolong observation individuals of interest and remaining out of phase with reality. 

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