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    Originally a member of the Council of Elders, Zodac Zur left Eternia after Greyskull’s demise. The Overlords of Trolla recruited him as a Cosmic Enforcer,tasked with maintaining neutrality throughout the universe. His pupil Kar-tor took his place in che Council, trapped King Hsss in the Void and became known as Zodak.

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    Zodak appears in the 2002 Masters of the Universe TV series as an ultra-powerful and immortal warrior from Ancient Eternia; presumably he was among the most powerful warriors on Eternia during that time, as well as during current events of the 2002 series. Having aided the Elders in the defeat of the Snake Men centuries ago, Zodak is called upon in the episode "Snake Pit" to help prevent the Snake Men from being released from their ancient prison. It is revealed in this episode that Zodak harbors a centuries-old grudge against the Snake Men after King Hiss ate his brother, Zeelahr. Presumably it was his brother's murder that convinced Zodak to give up his mortality.

    Zodak resides in a small wooden temple in the Mystic Mountains, where he spends most of his time in deep meditation. He refuses to let his grudge against the Snake Men die and will do everything he can until King Hiss has perished. Although this inevitably involves him aiding He-Man and the Masters from time to time, he has pledged no alliance and refuses to officially side with anyone in the battle, abiding purely by his own sense of right and wrong with little consideration for others.

    In season 2 it is Zodak who allows the Snake Men to be freed, placing Eternia in danger, for the sake of achieving his own revenge, which leads to a conflict between him and He-Man in the "Rise of the Snake Men" 2-parter. Zodak returns in the final episode of the series, "Awaken the Serpent", in which he finally defeats King Hiss. During this episode Zodak finds an unconscious Prince Adam and upon awakening him, Zodak hands Prince Adam the Power Sword stating, “He-Man is needed.” The whole series ends with a shot of Zodak flying off into the sky in his chair, as He-Man thanks him for winning the conflict against the Snake Men.


    Zodak possesses vast psychic, mystical and cosmic abilities that include creating powerful shields, flying, and hurling bolts of energy. He is highly skilled in the melee combat and energy manipulation uses of his Cosmic Staff. Although not quite as powerful as He-Man, Zodac still possesses significant superhuman, strength, agility and endurance/stamina. He is one of the ancient Cosmic Enforcers who guards the Universal Balance between Good and Evil.


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