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Born from the fusion of DNA of both Lord Superman and Wonder Woman using Amazon and Kryptonian technology Zod was to be born for both the raise as heir to the Justice Lord Earth. He stolen by the Brainiac of the Beyond universe during his initial invasion of earth and was given to Jax-Ur a dangerous Kryptionian criminal in the Phantom Zone, to be raised as a weapon for both to use.

He developed psychokinetic abilities, with the aid of a headgear, possibly provided by Brainiac, he was able to control Kryptonian technology all the way outside of the zone. It was with his help that Jax-Ur was able to disrupt Superman's powers and causing him and the Justice League to enter the phantom zone to defeat him. After Superman got him out of the Phantom Zone he decided to call him Superboy.

Brainiac's Invasion

Zod is next seen walking in the snow with Terry Mcginnis and Kai ro who are both teaching him about earth and how to fit in. They are then pummeled by snowballs that are thrown by Billy Batson and Danica Willaims for fun, but Zod interprets this as him being insubordinate and tells them they should try a more severe punishment. The group tries to explain to zod that it was simply for fun, but when Zod notices a father and son having a quiet moment he simply stays quiet and asks to return to the watch tower.

At this time Brainiac begins to invade the planet and Zod and the Justice League must stop his invasion. Zod is partnered with Warhawk to battle Brainiac's forces, although warhawk does not trust Zod and feels he may have a hand in the invasion. This is until Zod puts his body on the line and allows brainac to try and assimilate him only to use his technopathy to discover the villain's plan. He is transported to the Fortress of Solitude where he helps protect the few remaining earthling and heroes not being controlled by Brainiac.

Justice Lords Return

Zod is still resting in the Fortress of Solitude when the Justice Lords had took over the watchtower and defeated the Justice League. He arrives to see his friends are well and begins to battle the Justice Lords by himself and sounds the alarm to notify Bruce, Superman and Wonder Woman that the tower had been compromised. but was eventually subdued and imprisoned. Zod is set free when Mr Miracle leads the escape of the League and comes to the aid of Wonder Woman at the moment she was about to be killed by Lord Superman. Lord superman berates Zod until zod mentions his name much to the shock of both Lord Superman and Wonder Woman, who now have finally met their son.

At first Zod refuses to believe that they are parents until Lord Superman suggest that he uses his microscopic vision to look at his dna and theirs to see. Upon doing this zod breaks down and attacks both lord superman and wonder woman. Wonder woman refuses to fight her son and tells him how sorry she is to have failed him, which momentarily stops zod from attacking. This is when lord superman takes advantage and knocks out his estranged wife and attempts to trick zod into siding with him.

Zod question why must all his fathers' be insane and attacks lord superman only to be overcome by the Justice Lord. Wonder woman recovers to help zod battle superman, but both find they are no match for the evil kryptionian. When the Justice League and Justice Lords eventually join forces to stop Lord Superman Zod is also hit by the beam lord superman uses to depower everyone, but he is soon defeated by Superman and Terry Mcginnis.

Zod is next seen on the Watch Tower telling his mother wonder woman to get away from him and he wants nothing to do with her. Wonder woman tries to apologize for not being able to protect zod, but he explains to her he does not hate her or hold her responsible for what happened to him. He tells her he understands that it was Brainiac and Jax-Ur that took him from them, but he realizes he was a pawn for her and lord superman in their ideologies and wants nothing to do with that.

Zod tells her he is fine on his own and doesn't need her. When wonder woman decides to stay the normal justice league time line and is invited to stay on the team; she explains she does not want to be a bother to anyone looking at Zod. Zod simply explains that as long as they don't get in each others' way then he see no problem and is next seen talking to micron and kai ro laughing.


The son of Lord Superman and Wonder Woman was created by Justice League Beyond writer Christos Gage.


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