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Zoanoids are humans that were altered by the Creators as a part of an experiment millions of years of ago. They would merge with humans over the years. The Chronos Corporation stumbled upon means to activate the dormant Zoanoid cells in select individuals to allow them the ability to transform. Zoanoids make up the majority of the soldiers of the Chronos Corporation. They come in various different types, forms, and levels.

Zoanoids are the most basic form of this species and mass produced to blend into society as ordinary humans as spies.

Hyper Zoanoids are the next level and cant be mass produced as even most basic Zoanoids die from the transession. Very few individuals survive the process of becoming a Hyper Zoanoid such was the cast with the first Enzyeme.

Zoalords a special breed of Zoanoids that were fused with Zoa Crystals to control the Zoanoids and Hypers. They are 12 individuals that make up this team of master level Zoanoids.

Basic Powers

These are a few traits that every Zoanoid being seems to posess.

  • Transformation- every Zoanoid can go from being a human to monster at will.
  • Super Strength- the weakest Zoanoid is a least twice as strong as a human
  • Super Speed- even the biggest Zoanoid can run up to 40 mph(basic human 5mph and althletic 20mph)

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